DIY Leather Trim Planters

We’ve been plant lovers for quite some time and slowly over the years have built up our green collections as well as maybe progressing in the ability to keep some of them alive! 🙌 We’ve shared a few other planter tutorials here on the blog and keep needing to come up with new ideas as our collections keep growing! We were sent these sweet steel planters from our friends over at and we’ve been dying to pair them with the perfect planters. While we still love a nice nude terra cotta pot, sometimes it’s fun to add a new spin on the classic planter. These cute little pots use a favorite material of ours, leather, and are a simple and easy way to dress up a planter! DIY Leather Trim Planters @themerrythoughtDIY Leather Trim Planters @themerrythoughtSupplies:
– terra cotta pots
– paint & brushes
– leather
x-acto knife
– q-tips

for small planter – paint your pot desired color and let dry. Cut a piece of leather the length and width of the rim of the pot. Add glue along the rim, and press leather firmly onto glue. Let dry.
for large planter
paint your pot desired color. Use a piece of leather that’s the diameter of your pot, but a bit longer the pot rim (you’ll trim it after it’s glued on). Add glue to inside edge of the rim, and start folding over the leather, pressing firmly onto the glue and continuing along the entire inside. The leather will need to be puckered a bit so that it lays flat along the outside. Once the inside is glued and has dried, press the leather along the outside rim of the pot and using the knife, cut the leather to the length of the bottom ridge of the rim.  Using a q-tip, place glue on the under side of the rim, and press leather firmly onto glue.  Let dry.

DIY Leather Trim Planters @themerrythoughtDIY Leather Trim Planters @themerrythought Are you a plant lover? Any favorite house plants we should get?

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