5 Easy House Plants

5 Easy House Plants @themerrythought
Growing up, I lived in a house filled with plants. My mom is quite the gardener and when the cooler weather hit, she would move all the flowers & plants she could into the house…joining the house plants that stayed indoors year round.  Sadly, I don’t seem to have inherited a green thumb from her. I actually detest outdoor gardening (what if I see an earthworm while out digging?!) and up until recently, only had one house plant that I could actually keep alive. And then I was introduced to succulents and air plants – and I realized that some house plants were so easy to take care of…meaning I only needed to remember to water them occasionally!  Perfect for this plant-killing girl!
My house plant collection still remains rather small, baby steps here folks, but my mom has an abundance, so I asked her to pick some of her easiest to take care of plants to share with us.  She has lots more than this, so I’m hoping that maybe this post can have a part 2 or even 3.
And for those that have never had any luck keeping any plants alive, you can start where I did: lucky bamboo.  My friend gave me one about 13 years ago and it’s still alive today!!  I’ve been able to keep the bamboo, air plants, succulents and a christmas cactus alive for quite some time.  I recently added a few more plants to my collection, but they’re still new enough to me that I’m not going to write them down on my kept alive list.
(I’m not going into too much detail on care for these plants – if you’d like lots o’ info, Mr. Google should be able to help ya out!)
Swedish Ivy - 5 Easy House Plants @themerrythought
Swedish Ivy – this pretty plant just requires occasional watering (you want to keep the soil moist, not soggy) and bright, indirect light.
Wandering Jew - 5 Easy House Plants @themerrythought
Wandering Jew – I love this plant, the coloring of the leaves is fantastic! My mom recently gave me a cutting from one of hers and I’m hoping I can keep this alive!  Keep in medium to bright light and allow the soil to dry between watering.
Cape Primrose - 5 Easy House Plants @themerrythought
Cape Primrose – needs bright, indirect light (it won’t bloom if it doesn’t get enough light) and water when the soil is dry.
Christmas Cactus - 5 Easy House Plants @themerrythought
Christmas Cactus – does well in medium lighting, may need to be moved to brighter light when it’s flowering.  Water thoroughly, but let dry slightly between waterings.
Spider Plant - 5 Easy House Plants @themerrythought
Spider Plant – needs occasional watering (you want to keep the soil moist, not soggy) and bright, indirect light.
5 Easy House Plants @themerrythought
Okay…so this plant here is actually the 6th plant, but I didn’t want to include it in the real list since we don’t know the name of it!  I admire this little guy every time I’m over at mom’s (and hope that she’ll give me one of my own!).  It is low maintenance and easy to care for, but we can’t find the name of it anywhere!  So can anyone help us out??

What about you? Do you have a green thumb? Any low maintenance plants you would recommend? Hopefully we’ll be able to pop over to my mom’s to capture a few more easy house plants to add to this!  We’re off to a family wedding this weekend…both Caitlin & Levi are in it and we’re looking forward to seeing lots of family!  (You can follow along on Instagram to see lots o’ wedding pics: @caitlinsheree @mandamooie…)


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