DIY Leather Shower Curtain Rings

Last week I shared photos of our new bathroom, and since that project consumed our lives for so long, I have a few DIYs I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks from that space. (So hopefully you don’t get sick of seeing it! 😉 ) This one is a favorite because it’s simple & quick and I love how it looks! A couple years ago, Caitlin had done something similar for her apartment bathroom shower curtain, using jute twine. I loved how it looked, but wanted to try using leather in our bathroom. I wasn’t sure how leather would hold up to the moisture from the shower, so I decided to coat the leather with a water shield spray to help protect it. Also, because I dearly love this gorgeous shower curtain from Emily Ellingwood Designs, and wanted to be sure the leather wouldn’t stain the fabric at all, I did a little test after coating a leather strip, by laying it on white fabric and spraying it with water to make sure it wouldn’t leak color. It held up well, so I decided I was good to go with my project! As this bathroom is still so new and has not had a lot of use, I can’t say for sure how long the leather will last as curtain rings, so I’ll have to keep you updated if it doesn’t seem to hold up. But for now, I’m loving how it looks and it’s working great!DIY Leather Shower Curtain Rings @themerrythoughtDIY Leather Shower Curtain Rings @themerrythoughtDIY Leather Shower Curtain Rings @themerrythoughtSupplies:

leather lace
– scissors
water shield spray

Directions: Cut the leather into 12 pieces (or however many you need for your curtain) at desired length, mine are about 16.5″ long. Spray your leather pieces with water shield spray following the directions on the can, turning the pieces in between coats to make sure they are thoroughly covered. Once dry, loop through the grommet holes in your curtain and tie off (be sure to use a knot that’s easy to untie so you can remove it when needed).DIY Leather Shower Curtain Rings @themerrythoughtDIY Leather Shower Curtain Rings @themerrythoughtDIY Leather Shower Curtain Rings @themerrythought


Shower Curtain c/o of Emily Ellingwood Designs (I have this curtain, in white). Other sources from bathroom can be found in this post.

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