Apartment Bathroom Makeover

White Bathroom Decor @themerrythoughtMy bathroom is finally finished! I hadn’t changed my bathroom around at all in the three and a half years that I’ve been living here and it was about time! It feels so good to finally have one of my rooms completely done. (I’m hoping to convince my landlord for some new flooring at some point too!) Being a renter has been a real struggle for me because I just want to rip up all the carpet, tear out cupboards, drill so many things into the walls… But this room makeover is pretty basic and renter-friendly and has left me feeling pretty dang satisfied with this space. (Just check with your landlord before painting, usually it’s fine as long as it’s a neutral color.)
White Bathroom Decor @themerrythought White Bathroom Decor @themerrythoughtHere are a few before and after photos: (And just to give you an idea of how long projects take me sometimes… there is snow on my neighbor’s roof in some of the before photos I was looking through. Oh. my.)
Bathroom Makeover @themerrythought
The makeover included:
DIY Agate Cabinet Pull
DIY Shelf & Towel Rack
DIY Fern-Pressed Make-up Brush Cup
DIY Hand Towel Ring
-Painted Walls
-Painted Sink Cabinet
-New Shower Curtain with DIY Jute Rings
-New Bathmats (Covering up the cracking floor!)
-Street-Side Finds: Ladder, Shelves-Painted White
-Added Some Plants
White Bathroom Decor @themerrythoughtWhite Bathroom Decor @themerrythought White Bathroom Decor @themerrythought White Bathroom Decor @themerrythoughtI love coming into this fresh, clean space every day! Are you working on any updates? How do you feel about all white rooms?

xo. Caitlin

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