DIY Holiday Canvas Chalk Art

DIY Holiday Canvas Chalk Art @themerrythoughtHere’s another super simple project to help decorate your space this holiday season! It’s so easy to make and I just love the raw edges of the canvas. Plus you can erase and reuse it throughout the year!  It’ll make the perfect addition to your minimal holiday decor!
DIY Holiday Canvas Chalk Art @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
-Chalkboard Paint
-Paint Brush

How to make it:
-Cut canvas to the size you would like to use. I used my hands to fray the edges a bit after cutting.
-Paint a rectangle on the canvas about 1″ in from each edge.
-Allow paint to dry.
-Use chalk to add designs.

**I did erase one of mine with a wet sponge and then let it dry and it worked fine. Left some markings like a normal chalkboard would. If you do a couple extra coats of paint, I think it would make erasing even easier.
DIY Holiday Canvas Chalk Art @themerrythoughtDIY Holiday Canvas Chalk Art @themerrythoughtxo. Caitlin

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