DIY Hammock

DIY Hammock @themerrythoughtWhat better way is there to spend a lazy summer afternoon than hanging in a cozy hammock – by the creek, no less! I’m dreaming of being back here while I’m sitting behind my desk at work today. This DIY takes a few hours to make but is totally worth it! Plus, it’s pretty lightweight and you can roll it up and take it on all of your adventures with you!
DIY Hammock @themerrythought What you need:
-Canvas Drop Cloth (I used the leftovers from the Hanging Lounge Chair.)
-Sewing Machine
1/2″ Grommet Kit
-Trim (I got 3 yds worth)
-Rope (Look for 250+lb weight limit)
-Metal Hoop or Carabiner with appropriate weight capacity

How to make it:
-Cut 4′ x 7′ piece of canvas.
**-If long sides aren’t finished already (mine came stitched) double fold about 1/4″ in and straight stitch.
-On short ends, double fold 1.5″ flaps and iron. Make sure you’re folding down toward the underside of the canvas. Straight stitch 1/4″ in from the inside of the fold.
-Zig-zag stitch the trim to the long sides of the canvas.
-Measure out holes for 9 grommets, evenly spaced, on each end of the hammock. Follow instructions on the grommet kit to attach grommets. *Using a heavy hammer will help cut the hole for the grommet.
-Cut 18 pieces of 7′ long rope. Put a rope through each of the grommets and pull all of the ends together.
-Loop ends around the metal hoop and secure with an extra piece of rope. I tied mine using the same technique I used for the straps of the Market Bag. Make sure to tie it as tight as possible.
-Hang it up!
DIY Hammock @themerrythoughtDIY Hammock @themerrythought I’m thinking we all deserve to spend the rest of our summer days relaxing in a hammock sipping some lemonade… right?

xo. Caitlin

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