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DIY Market Bag | The MerrythoughtI’m not much a coffee drinker and by that I mean I hate anything remotely coffee flavored. Don’t kill me people, I wish I liked it! I can’t even eat some chocolates because they taste too much like coffee to me. So the closest that I could get to a coffee related post is a DIY market bag out of an old coffee sack.
And here’s how you can make your own:

What you need:
-Coffee sack
-Fabric for lining
-Sewing machine
DIY Market Bag | The Merrythought Decide what size you want your market bag to be and add 1″ to each side then cut your coffee sack to that size. Cut two pieces of the fabric that you chose for the lining to about the same size you chose for the bag – I made mine 3/4″ shorter in height, same width. Flip them so that the front are both facing in and straight stitch 3 out of 4 sides of your lining. Leaving the top side open and about 1/2″ of the long sides that border the top unstitched.
DIY Market Bag | The Merrythought If you left the bottom of your coffee bag finished like we did, you will only have to stitch the sides. Turn the bag inside out and be sure to leave 1″ on each of the sides next to the open top unstitched. I would recommend a zigzag stitch over straight because the burlap material will fray much easier than the lining. Line up the bottom and sides of your lining and the coffee sack (both should be inside out still) fold down 1/2″ of the coffee sack and then fold it down again so you don’t see any raw edges (this is why you should leave the 1″ unstitched – so the seam will be easier to sew and fold in place). The lining should be under these two folds. Pin in place across that entire side and straight stitch across that side. (Don’t stitch your bag closed!)
DIY Market Bag | The Merrythought Now that you have one side finished, flip your lining right side out so it covers the coffee sack. And now you can repeat the previous steps with the other side. Cut out four rectangles 7″ x 5″. Fold in half the long way so the front side is facing inwards and stitch the 7″ sides together. Turn each of them right side out by pushing one end through the other.
DIY Market Bag | The Merrythought Zigzag stitch each end of the four pieces to prevent from fraying and pin them on the inside of the bag where you want them and stitch in place. Cut two pieces of rope to make the handles – length will vary based on how long you want your handles. When cutting, remember you will be folding up about 5″ for each loop, so each handle will be about 10″ shorter than the length you cut them.
DIY Market Bag | The Merrythought Put your rope through one the the loops that you sewed to your bag and fold about 5″ up and hold in place. Use your twine to secure the two sides of the rope together. Do this by forming a loop in your twine (one end should be short, one end should be long) and lay the loop on the end of the rope. Hold the twine in place  and begin to wrap the long end of your twine tightly around the  rope – working your way down towards the loop. Put the end that you have been wrapping through the loop and pull the loop closed by pulling on the end of the twine that is sticking out past the end of the rope. Pull both ends of the twine tight and cut off the ends. Repeat for each of the four loops.
DIY Market Bag | The MerrythoughtDIY Market Bag | The MerrythoughtDIY Market Bag | The Merrythought And that’s it!

xo. Caitlin

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