DIY Floating Sink Shelf

When we first started designing our bathroom, I was on the hunt for a vintage pedestal sink to go in here. I love the look of those and thought it would work well for the small space we had. Then, we had the option of using a vessel sink from Anzzi, and honestly my first thought was, probably not. I wasn’t sure if vessel sinks were for me, but after seeing these gorgeous matte white stone sinks they offered, I decided we should definitely give them a try (and I love it!).

Then began the process of figuring out what to place the sink on. I was originally envisioning something completely different, a stand with legs, but after the walls were up and we had a better idea of how the space was going to look, Mike thought maybe a floating counter for the sink might work better. It would give us more counter space around the sink as well as not taking up any space underneath, which would help it feel a little bigger in that small room. We did our best to try to make the wood fit with the exposed wood beams in the room (Mike had just done some renovations at his parent’s house, and had some of this wood from their house. Any type of wood you use/like should work for building something like this). I’m so glad he came up with this option because I love it and feel like it works so well in our little bathroom! DIY Floating Sink Shelf @themerrythoughtDIY Floating Sink Shelf @themerrythought

DIY Floating Sink Shelf


  • wood (we used reclaimed lumber for the shelf & supports)
  • table saw
  • drill & screws
  • polyurethane


Cut your wood shelf to size. Using the table saw, cut your shelf supports to width, ours were 1 1/2”. Cut the supports to attach to the wall around the perimeter of the shelf and a front support. Keep your side supports far enough back so that the front support can be attached to the front of them . Locate your wall studs and attach your supports to the studs using screws. If your shelf is wide you should add some extra supports in the middle of the shelf to add extra support making sure to not obstruct where the drain will go through the shelf. Place the shelf on the supports and attach it with screws from underneath. Finish shelf with polyurethane, following directions on can.DIY Floating Sink Shelf @themerrythoughtDIY Floating Sink Shelf @themerrythoughtDIY Floating Sink Shelf @themerrythoughtSo what do you think – good choice of going with a vessel sink and floating counter/shelf for it? Are you a fan of vessel sinks?



vessel sink | faucetvanity light | hand towel (similar – they changed the design) | soap | toilet paper basket (similar – mine was from Michaels but isn’t listed online) | hanging planter

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