How to Paint Laminate Furniture

I was helping a friend move last month and she was noting to her husband a bunch of furniture that needed to be dragged out to the curb and among them was this dresser. I told her I would be gladdd to take it off their hands! 😉 I had been looking for a low, simple dresser for my room at the new house for the past few months and this was the perfect size! We had just purchased a dark grey-hued flooring for the room so I knew the dark brown wasn’t going to fit too well. I looked up a few different techniques to try to paint it and then figured I should share the one that seemed to work best in case you stumble across some sweet laminate furniture that needs a touch-up.How to Paint Laminate Furniture @themerrythoughtBefore! I actually love the overall look of this dresser as-is. And you can swap out the colors of the diamonds!! But I knew I wouldn’t use it in my room with this color so I just went for the paint!

What you need:
-Orbital sander (or regular sandpaper) – I used 180 grit for the sander
-Paint brush and/or small roller
-KILZ or another high quality primer

How to do it: (There is a video with instructions at the bottom of the post too!)
-Lightly sand the entire surface of the dresser. Don’t push too hard, just a light sanding is fine!
-Wipe off dust with a dry rag.
**Remove drawers or take apart furniture as necessary before your start painting.
-Paint on one coat of primer and let dry.
-Paint two coats of paint, allowing to dry in between.
**Roller will help with a thicker, more even coat of paint and reduce brush marks. You can use the roller for the large areas and a brush to get corners and edges – and make sure there are no drips!
-Once it is completely dry you can put everything back together!
How to Paint Laminate Furniture @themerrythoughtHow to Paint Laminate Furniture @themerrythoughtHow to Paint Laminate Furniture @themerrythoughtAnd if you’d rather watch your instructions – here’s a video for ya!

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