DIY 3D Honeycomb Paper Ornaments

Every year I have a long list of Christmas projects I hope to get done. Reality looks like very few of those actually happening – haa! That’s okay though, as long as things are getting done, and I’m taking the time to enjoy the season, that’s what really matters. These 3D paper ornaments are a project I’ve been wanting to try making for a few years now. I noticed some really pretty ones in Scandinavian Christmas decor photos, and wanted my own. They weren’t popular around here yet, so I knew I’d have to DIY it! Of course now it seems like there are a lot of stores selling them, but I had to try making my own since I got the idea in my head and knew I wouldn’t be able to let it go till I tried!

Overall these are really simple and easy to make. They are a bit time consuming and tedious. Lots of cutting and gluing. But nothing hard and it’s the kind of craft you can do while watching a show or listening to a podcast!

These 3D paper ornaments aren’t what I would call honeycomb, but when I was trying to figure out what they were even called, that seemed like a popular title for them. So that’s what we’re calling them! What do you think, are they something you would make?

See below for the tutorial on the 3D paper ornaments. (You can find our tutorial for the orange garland here and the paper bag stars here).

small christmas tree on bench next to branch on wall with 3d paper ornaments hanging from it
greenery with 3D paper ornaments hanging from it
greenery branch on wall with paper ornaments hanging on it


Watch the video below for how I put these together!

3D honeycomb paper ornament hanging from pine tree branch
greenery branch with honeycomb paper ornaments hanging on wall with small tree in basket
pine branches with gray 3D paper ornament hanging from it
3 paper ornaments hanging from greenery branch
pine branches with maroon 3D paper ornament hanging from it

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