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Wood Slat Trend @themerrythoughtvia Rich Brilliant Willing

Leading up to making my wood slat headboard last week, I had been falling in love with wood slat everything – walls, cabinets, furniture. I just kind of want to throw it on everything! Since I kept finding the most beautiful images on Pinterest, I just decided to share a bunch of my favorites in case you need some inspiration for projects! I definitely already have a few more wood slat projects in the works but these are making me wish I could seriously update some of the rooms in my apartment. Ha!

Wood Slat Trend @themerrythoughtvia Design Within Reach
Wood Slat Trend @themerrythoughtvia Home To Love
Wood Slat Trend @themerrythoughtvia Design Cove
Wood Slat Trend @themerrythoughtvia Biasol
Wood Slat Trend @themerrythoughtFormerly Yes via Cereal
Wood Slat Trend @themerrythoughtvia D3 Design Studio
Wood Slat Trend @themerrythoughtvia Flack Studio
Wood Slat Trend @themerrythoughtvia Dans le Lakehouse
Wood Slat Trend @themerrythoughtvia My Domaine
Wood Slat Trend @themerrythoughtvia Dwell
Wood Slat Trend @themerrythoughtvia Arch Daily
Wood Slat Trend @themerrythoughtvia Bowerbird Interiors
Wood Slat Trend @themerrythoughtvia Looking Architecture


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