Favorite Modern Vintage Rugs

So a few weeks ago on Instagram I shared about the rug I have in the picture above. It was a Marshalls find that I was wondering where to put – the bathroom was the clear winner for it after everyone voted and that’s where it is now (and I’ve been loving it in there!). A lot of people were interested in the rug, but sadly I couldn’t find it anywhere online. The good and bad about Marshalls – they have some amazing finds at great prices, but sometimes you can’t find it anywhere else, not even at another Marshalls. It did however get me on the search for nice rugs, so I decided to share some favorite finds here. I love both modern rugs and the more vintage-y looking ones. (Actual vintage rugs are amazing, but usually wayyy out of my budget.) Most of these are pretty budget-friendly, especially for the smaller sizes, which I seem to want to buy up like crazy. Thankfully layering rugs is in, so you can find a nice large neutral rug, and layer a smaller rug (or two!) over it!



Which style do you tend to like more??


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