A Few Things: Power Tools

Power Tools for DIY @themerrythought
Power tools can seem a little daunting. There’s so many different kinds, so many different brands and eeps, what if I lose a finger while using them! The projects you can get done with these babies though, make it worth investing in a few good ones and spending the time to learn how to use them safely – so you don’t lose that finger! The more DIY projects we tackle, the more and more we’re using these! So we thought it might be nice to share a few of the ones we use the most for the kind of projects we share here on the blog. We’re not favoring any particular brands in this post – the ones linked up are just to show you what they are (but are ones we would buy). A lot of times you can find used ones in great condition on Craigslist – so if that’s an option for you, definitely check that out. And chatting with the owner at the local hardware store might be helpful too!  There are definitely good brands and not so good brands…and just because you shell out a lot of cash for one, doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best.  And while we’re talking about money – yes, some of these tools are a little pricey.  You’ll need to think of it as an investment and be sure you’re going to use it for more than just one little project – if you’re just trying to get one project done, renting is probably a better option.  But for those that are wanting to jump into the DIY world, here’s a list of 6 power tools that we use frequently for our projects.

Cordless Drill – used all the time on projects like this Hanging Cement Table and the Woven Bench
Scroll Saw – used for the Book Letters and the Wooden Rings
Compound Miter Saw – used to make the Pallet Swing Bed and Reclaimed Wood Card Table Top
Belt Sander – we’ve used this to make the Geometric Cheese Block and Wooden Bow Ties
Nail Gun and Compressor – used on the Giant Chalkboard and Circle Shelf
Circular Saw – used on the Pallet Coffee Table

And maybe, since Father’s Day is coming up, there’s a dad in your life that might need a power tool or two in his collection…always handy to have someone that owns tools you can borrow for projects! 😉

Do you own any power tools? Any that you’re thinking about getting?


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