Card Table Makeover

Card Table Makeover @themerrythought
One thing we always seem to be in need of around here are more tables. Whether it’s for family dinners or a fun get together or special parties, we can always use more tables. Card tables are great to have because they can be stored so easily. However, they don’t always look so pretty. Ours definitely didn’t – it was a freebie we snagged when our church was doing a clean out. After making our coffee table using reclaimed and pallet wood, I was inspired to make (well, have Mike make) a new tabletop for our card table.  Now I have the best of both worlds, a pretty table that can be folded up and stored away.
I love how the table turned out. I wanted to keep the look of mine more rustic/industrial, so the legs just got a fresh coat of metal colored spray paint. I think a table would look great with a pop of color on the legs too – like turquoise or yellow. Or if you want to make it a bit classier, try a white coat for the legs.  This is perfect to provide that extra table space you might need at some upcoming holiday get togethers.
Card Table Makeover with Reclaimed Wood  @themerrythought
Card Table Makeover with Reclaimed Wood  @themerrythought
Card Table Makeover - Step 1  @themerrythought
Card Table Makeover - Step 2  @themerrythought
Card Table Makeover - Step 3  @themerrythought
Card Table Makeover - Step 4  @themerrythought
Reclaimed Wood Card Table Makeover @themerrythought
What you need:

  • old card table
  • spray paint
  • reclaimed wood (pallets would work great for this)
  • table saw
  • wood glue
  • nails
  • nail gun
  • orbital sander
  • polyurethane

How to do it:

  • Spray paint legs of table (it’s easiest to do this with the table upside down). Because the entire top of the table will be covered by wood, you do not need to worry about paint getting on the top of the table.
  • Measure the top of the table to determine the length your wood will need to be cut.
  • Arrange your wood boards in the pattern you’d like them. (The width of all the boards together will need to be a 1/4″ wider than the table).
  • Cut your wood, cutting them a 1/4″ longer than the length of your table and making sure that the width of all the boards together is 1/4″ wider than the table.
  • Find four pieces of wood to use to frame the edge of the table.
  • Miter the edge boards around the perimeter of the table top.
  • Glue and nail the framing boards to the edge of the table top boards.
  • Glue and nail the miter joints.
  • Let glue dry.
  • Sand tabletop.
  • Finish with polyurethane, following directions on can.
  • Set finished tabletop on top of your card table.
  • Drill holes through metal sides of card table. Use wood screws to attach tabletop.

Card Table Makeover with Reclaimed Wood  @themerrythought
Reclaimed Wood Card Table  @themerrythought

If you redo a table – we’d love to see it! Leave a link in the comments.

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Happy Monday! Manda

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