DIY Leather Wallet

DIY Leather Wallet @themerrythoughtI’m still playing catch-up from being gone all weekend so I’m just popping in to share another amazingly simple tutorial that you can use to whip up a gift for Father’s Day!  You can use this as a basic wallet or as a sweet gift card holder.
DIY Leather Wallet @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
-Sewing Machine

How to make it:
-Cut out three pieces of leather: 3 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
-Flip the first and third pieces so the back is facing up and the second piece so the front is facing up. (Or you can do it opposite of how I did.)
-Cut the first and second pieces at an angle. (Cut more from the first piece.)
-Straight stitch the sides and the bottom.
DIY Leather Wallet @themerrythought DIY Leather Wallet @themerrythoughtxo. Caitlin

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4 thoughts on “DIY Leather Wallet

  1. avatarJill Chapman

    This is wonderful. I have some scrap leather I got from a co-worker a couple of years ago and it will work perfect for this. Thanks for sharing.