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Last month we started out summer vacation with a trip out to Colorado! Manda’s stepson/Caitlin’s brother lives outView full post »

California Trip

If you have been following along on Instagram or Snapchat (@themerrythought), you’ve noticed that we just gotView full post »

Summer Adventures

One of the things we love doing that we don’t get to do nearly enough together (because of work schedules/littleView full post »

A Day with Natalie’s

We can’t believe that September is almost over! Honestly at this point, I thought I’d feel like I had it a little moreView full post »

Michaels Makers Summit

If you follow us on IG, you may have noticed that I went out to California last week as part of the Michaels MakersView full post »

Adventures with PlanetBox

I’ve been trying to get out on more adventures with the boys now that school is out and it looks likeView full post »

Out with Jord

Last week we had a few meetings in Rochester and Caitlin thought it would be a good time to introduce me to a couple ofView full post »

Local // Nick Tahou Hots

Our hometown, Rochester, is famous for one of it’s culinary treats, The Garbage Plate. There’s aView full post »


Mike and I got to spend 6 days in California this month and it was heavenly! We’ve had someView full post »

Explore Rochester

It’s easy to think you need to go on long road trips to get to see exciting cities with delicious food,View full post »

Summer Picnic

The cold water swirls around our ankles, offering a bit of refreshment on this warm day. We wade across the shallowView full post »

A Day at the Falls

My car pretty much bit the dust this weekend. It’s been my longest lasting car after being around for theView full post »

Merry Moments // Adirondacks

(Phone photos again for this post…sorry for the slightly grainy photos but it’s soView full post »

Zion National Park

We’ve got another amazing trip from my sister, Lyndsay, to share with you today. A couple of months ago, LyndsayView full post »

DIY Canvas Tent

For those of you that want a camp experience without having to venture further than your backyard – this DIYView full post »