DIY Easy Wooden Frame

DIY Easy Wooden Frame @themerrythoughtLately I’ve been trying to print more of my Instagram photos out to keep and display in places outside of my tiny phone. It’s no secret that I love a good engineer print project (like this giant card and this plywood print headboard) so I obviously had to blow up a couple Instagram shots to engineer print size. I decided to make it a bit more durable by adding a backing and creating a basic wooden frame. I think a little collection of these on a wall would look great!DIY Easy Wooden Frame @themerrythoughtDIY Easy Wooden Frame @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
-Wood (I used a 1″x3″x10′ piece)
-Miter Saw
-Wood Glue
-Nail Gun
-Engineer Print (I ordered mine at Staples)
-Foam Board
-Mod Podge
-Exacto Knife
-Staple Gun
-Sawtooth Hanger

How to make it:
-Measure and mark the length you want your boards. (This will depend on the size of your engineer print as well as the width of the wood you use. My print was 22″x22″ and I made the long (outside) sides of my boards 23.25″)
-Use the miter saw to cut 45 degree angles at these marks. Each cut should be made from the marks along what will be the outside of your frame and angling in to the shorter (inside) or the frame. Compare board lengths between cuts to make sure your boards are exactly the same length or your frame will not come together properly.
-Once all boards are cut and are an even length, use some wood glue between the pieces of wood, hold in place and use a nail gun through the sides of the frame to secure.
-Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the foam board and lay the print on top.
-Let dry and then use an exacto knife to cut the foam board down to the size of the print.
-Attach the foam board to the back of the frame using a staple gun.
-Nail sawtooth hanger to the top, back of the frame.
DIY Easy Wooden Frame @themerrythoughtDIY Easy Wooden Frame @themerrythoughtxo. Caitlin


Basics Style @themerrythoughtBasics Style @themerrythoughtBasics Style @themerrythoughtBasics Style @themerrythoughtWooden Watch @themerrythoughtTee, Madewell | Sweater, Target | Shorts, Thrifted Levi’s | Sandals, Target | Watch, JORD

I just got back from California on Monday (more on that next week!) – for those of you east-coasters that have never been, oh my word! You must plan a trip! I’m already dreaming of when I can go back and stay for more time. And speaking of leaving… we leave for another vacation at the end of this week so I’ve been playing some major catch-up/get-ahead on blog stuff as well as my other jobs but I managed to sneak in some time for some city wandering and a quick photoshoot with my friend. So I’ll leave you with this outfit, a whole bunch of cozy basics that have made up my outfit almost every day this summer… somehow I’ve turned into a shorts girl instead of dresses every day.

xo. Caitlin

Thanks to Steve for snapping these shots!

Veggie Bagel Sandwich

Veggie Bagel Sandwich @themerrythought
Bagels are probably one of my top favorite foods – I think I would eat one everyday if I could! (Trying to be good and not go crazy with carbs though for the sake of my hips! ;) ). My absolute favorite are everything bagels with butter.  Our grocery store, Wegmans, sells really yummy bagels and I usually keep them stocked in our freezer for the times here & there that I must indulge and have a bagel.  (Or for Caitlin to eat when she stops in and is “starving and there’s nothing to eat in this house!”).  I especially love it if Mike makes my bagel for me because he puts on so much butter, more than I ever let myself have, so sometimes I ask him to make it and just look away while he fixes it. ;)
Veggie Bagel Sandwich @themerrythought
Every once in a while when I’m in Rochester around lunch time, I stop at Bruegger’s Bagels and enjoy one of their delicious bagel sandwiches!  My favorite is called a Leonard da Veggie and I finally had the thought, that “duh, I should just start making these at home!” since I rarely am by a Bruegger’s when they’re open (they close early), plus I’m a cheapskate and hating paying that much for a sandwich! So this is my homemade, copycat version of one of my favorite bagel sandwiches. It’s slightly different, I used veggie cream cheese instead of garlic herb cream cheese, because that’s what I could find at the store .  I’ve tried it on an everything and parmesan cheese bagel  – and I think I may like this sandwich best on the parmesan bagel. So if you can find some kind of cheese bagel, that might be the way to go. While this isn’t a healthy sandwich (hello major carbs, and lots of cheesy goodness!) – it’s certainly delicious and you can give yourself some points for getting those veggies in!
Veggie Bagel Sandwich @themerrythought
Veggie Bagel Sandwich

bagel (savory bagels are best: everything, cheese bagels, herb, sun-dried tomato, etc.)
veggie cream cheese
muenster cheese
red peppers, sliced
tomato, sliced
red onion, sliced (if desired, I’m not a fan of raw onions, so it’s not included on my sandwich, but it’s on the original)

Lightly toast your bagel. Spread each half with cream cheese (or just one side, I just don’t like “dry bread” for sandwiches). Layer lettuce, tomato, cheese and peppers on one half.  Top with remaining half and slice bagel sandwich in half (or not).  Enjoy (it’s a little messy, but oh so worth it)!
Veggie Bagel Sandwich @themerrythought
Veggie Bagel Sandwich @themerrythought
I’m on a bagel sandwich kick now and want to try all sorts of different fixings! Any good suggestions?

What’s your favorite bagel flavor? And do you like cream cheese or butter on your bagel?


DIY Cedar Bath Mat

DIY Cedar Bath Mat @themerrythought
One of our guilty pleasures is watching home renovation shows – we love seeing spaces transformed and getting inspired to tackle projects around our own homes! We’re so excited to be partnering with the Home Free TV series – a show where 9 couples compete for their dream home by renovating homes for deserving families. It’s so fun to watch these couples work hard to completely transform a house and the ending of the show is the biggest & best surprise of all – we love a great feel-good story!
DIY Cedar Bath Mat @themerrythought
If you don’t have big renovations in the works for your home, like a kitchen redo (my dream!), a new living room or a complete yard makeover, the kind of amazing projects featured on the show, little projects and updates are a good way to bring a fresh look to your space while you wait for the day you can tackle those bigger projects.
DIY Cedar Bath Mat @themerrythought
This simple & modern bath mat brings a spa-like feel to your bathroom and is an easy enough project to tackle over a weekend! We chose cedar because it’s an affordable water-resistant wood, that’s also soft, so it’s great for stepping on; teak would also be a great choice if your budget is a little higher. Wood bath mats might take a bit to get used to (think of stepping on them as a mini foot massage!), but the clean, modern look definitely wins us over!
DIY Cedar Bath Mat @themerrythought
DIY Cedar Bath Mat

Materials Needed:
– cedar board – 1x6x10
– circular saw
– table saw
– measuring tape
– pencil
– sand paper
– wood glue
– nail gun (or hammer & nails)
– teak oil (or another kind of water-resistant finish)
– paint brush & rag
DIY Cedar Bath Mat @themerrythought
(Step photos can be found over on Home Free) Cut board into 30″ pieces using circular saw. Cut three of the 30″pieces to width (for slats), 1.75″ on the table saw. Cut the three support pieces from the renaming wood – ours are 1.75″ wide, 3/8″ thick and 18″ long. Sand all the pieces. Arrange wooden slats as you’d like your mat to look, with the bottom side of the wood slats facing up. We spaced our slats 3/8″ apart. (To make spacing easier, make 3/8″ spacers out of scrap wood). Place a dab of wood glue on each slat, one inch from the edge. Place a support piece over the glue and nail down, keeping the ends of the slats even. Repeat on the other end and with the center support piece. Let the glue dry. Once glue is dry, apply finish, following manufacturer’s instructions.
DIY Cedar Bath Mat @themerrythought
DIY Cedar Bath Mat @themerrythought
DIY Cedar Bath Mat @themerrythought
Be sure to pop on over to their site to check out the latest show news, watch the first episode if you missed it, and see our DIY over there of course – and join us in watching Home Free on Wednesdays at 9/8c on FOX!


Sponsored by Home Free. All ideas, thoughts and opinions expressed are our own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support The Merrythought.

Mexican Street Corn

Mexican Street Corn Recipe @themerrythought
I feel like I should start off this post with a disclaimer: I have never actually had authentic Mexican Street Corn….like from a street vendor, in Mexico…or from a street vendor, anywhere! (It’s on my life goals list though folks!)  I first heard about it a few years ago from my brother, Craig, who lives in Brooklyn, and has actually had it from a street vendor. He made a version of it for us on a family vacation and I fell hard for this delicious take on a summer staple.  If you’ve been a reader for a bit, you may have noticed that we like lime & cilantro quite a bit; so it’s no surprise this is a favorite here! We also live surrounded by corn fields (sadly, mostly cow corn fields, but there have been years when we could walk right across the road to our neighbor’s massive sweet corn field! And it’s still sweet corn country around here!), so corn on the cob is pretty much eaten alldayerryday this time of year! And to me, Mexican Street Corn is the best way to enjoy corn on the cob!
Mexican Street Corn Recipe @themerrythought
(You’ll notice the recipe has no exact measurements or ingredient amounts (except for the spicy lime mayo), and hopefully any Type-A’s out there can handle this, but it will just depend on how many you’re feeding. You know that. I don’t. And it’s not an overly complicated recipe, so I think you’ll do okay guesstimating how much corn, cilantro, cheese, etc. you’ll need! :) )
Mexican Street Corn Recipe @themerrythought
Mexican Street Corn

corn on the cob
olive oil
salt, to taste
spicy lime mayo (recipe below)
fresh chopped cilantro
queso fresco cheese, crumbled
paprika or chili powder
limes, cut into wedges

To grill the corn, remove husk & silk from corn, rub lightly with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Grill over medium high heat, 10-12 minutes, turning the ears of corn often, until kernels are crisp tender and slightly charred.
Apply spicy lime mayo (recipe below) to the grilled corn, sprinkle with cilantro, cheese, paprika or chili powder and lime juice.

Spicy Lime Mayo:

1/2 cup mayo
few dashes of hot sauce, to taste
1/4-1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper (to taste)
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice

In a small bowl, combine ingredients and stir until blended. Taste and adjust seasonings as desired. Use immediately or refrigerate until ready to use.
Mexican Street Corn Recipe @themerrythought
Mexican Street Corn Recipe @themerrythought
And this corn (and all corn on the cob!) needs to be eaten while using Caitlin’s adorable DIY Wooden Corn Holders! So this weekend, do a little crafting and then put that craft to good use with this recipe!


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