DIY Monochrome Eggs @themerrythoughtWhen this post goes live, I will (hopefully) be safely in Florida soaking up the sunshine! But these cute eggs will be waiting back at home for me! After making the egg vases, I kept coming up with more simple egg DIYs for Easter and I managed to get this one done before I left for vacation – it was actually a really relaxing project. I usually like to use real eggs for Easter projects because I always did as a kid but I love that I’ll be able to use these every year!DIY Monochrome Eggs @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
-Plastic Eggs
-Tissue Paper
-Elmer’s Glue
-Paint Brush

How to make it:
-Cut shapes out of tissue paper.
-Use the paint brush to paint a light layer of glue on a small section of the egg where you want to place your first tissue paper shape.
-Place the shape on the glue.
-Paint over it lightly with the glue.
-Repeat until the egg is covered as desired. You may need to set it aside and let a side dry before doing the other side.
DIY Monochrome Eggs @themerrythoughtDIY Monochrome Eggs @themerrythoughtDIY Monochrome Eggs @themerrythoughtxo. Caitlin

  • Tuesday, March 28, 2017 - 6:15 pm

    Indya | TheSmallAdventurer - I absolutely adore these! I always associate Easter with pastel colours and thought that, IF I ever painted some eggs, they’d be light yellow and baby pink, but I am LOVING these monochrome eggs! They certainly go with my clothing style (which is black, white, black and more white). I just might have to give these a go!


The Merrythought Lifestyle Blog @themerrythoughtJust wanted to share the results of the reader survey from last month. We’re so thankful to you guys for taking the time to actually do this! It’s the first one we’ve ever done and it was a little nerve-wracking thinking about what might come in, or if anyone would even do it!
A lot of responses were what we were thinking might be the case, but there were a few surprises thrown in too! And we absolutely loved reading all of your comments/suggestions and questions!


DIY Home Projects was the winner here, with DIY gifts/simple crafts following. No surprise there for us as that’s what we’ve assumed most of our readers were here for. We were a little surprised at the popularity of the room tour posts, we’ve never really had a good idea of how those go over with you guys. So it’s good to know you enjoy them, and hopefully we’ll be able to share more this year!


While the answers were really varied here (as expected), those of you that also mentioned why, that was so great to read! Really sometimes ya wonder if you’re just sending these posts out into space with no one really caring, and to hear how you specifically used things or were inspired by something we did was really affirming and good to hear!


The top three were: DIYs, Simple Living and Room Tours. Hooray for this, because those are all things we had planned on sharing! So hopefully future posts will keep you happy! Also, good to know that we’re not alone in the quest to live simpler lives.The Merrythought Lifestyle Blog @themerrythought

You guys were split pretty evenly on this topic – haa! We’ve had fun learning video, we feel like it’s good to stretch yourself and learn new things, which definitely has been the case for videos. We do plan on sharing more, as we think it’s fun, however we will always include photos and written instructions for what we do. So hopefully that appeases both sides enough – ha!


Guys, yes, the majority of you have – that makes our hearts happy! Glad we’re sharing things that you actually want to try and do!!


The majority of you said probably or definitely would – and that’s good news as we plan to launch a shop within a few weeks! 😱 We get quite a few emails asking if we sell the DIYs we share, so we thought we’d give it a try! More on that coming soon!!


Most of you read most of the posts – that’s good to hear, especially for Manda as I can tend to be a little chatty in posts 😉. Glad you’re mostly enjoying it!The Merrythought Lifestyle Blog @themerrythought

Thankfully most of you feel like our sponsored posts fit right in, with a majority not even noticing! Shew, that’s really good. While we love blogging, it is a job and a ton of time & work, and we’ve gotta pay the bills! We try hard to work with companies that we really like/use their products, and we try to work it into our posts in a natural way. Sometimes we know that doesn’t always happen, but thanks for understanding that it’s how we can keep on doing this and know that we try hard to make it work naturally! (And we’ll add in a quick note about ads as well – hopefully you’re just used to seeing ads by now as pretty much any & every site you go to nowadays has ads. We know sometimes they are annoying, we try to make sure they are out of the way of our content, but sometimes we’ve noticed they glitch a bit on different computers, and get in the way. Sorry. We do actually say no to a lot of ad placements, and videos should never play sound automatically, so know that if it does, we did not okay that, and we do inform our ad company if we notice that happening. But ads are just another way that we can keep on doing this, so while they’re not pretty, they are sticking around for now.)


Thankfully most of you think our blog is easy to navigate. A lot of you commented on it having some weird glitches recently – we’re aware of this, and we hate it too (probably even more than you – ha!). Our web developer is working on things, hopefully there’s been a slight improvement for some. Honestly it’s an issue with our server, and we’re not happy about it. We’re still in the process of getting it taken care of and also are planning some small site updates very soon! So fingers crossed that it can all happen quickly & smoothly! These kind of things definitely cause us stress!
We loved reading these responses and hope to keep working on your suggestions! And to those that just offered words of encouragement to us – thanks, we work hard on our blog and we’re so glad you’re enjoying it! ☺️

And now on to the ASK US ANY QUESTIONS…

These were so fun to read, some made us laugh out loud, some let us know our friends were definitely reading along – ha! We had a lot of questions about the business side of blog things so we’re actually going to tackle all those questions in a separate post in the near future because there was so much interest in this.
For the personal/random questions, we thought we’d get really personal and answer your questions via video! Quite a few of you wanted to see/hear more about us (😮😳), so here we are! A note of caution, this video is extremely long. We’re so sorry, haa! And really, really no offense taken if you don’t watch. Really, you don’t have to watch! 😂
If your question didn’t get answered, hopefully it will within a future post at some point. And if it’s really just eating away at you, feel free to leave an anonymous comment and we’ll get right to it!

Thanks for reading along and giving input!! We sooo appreciate you and love knowing that people are reading, and liking what we share! You guys are the best!

Photos by Rachel Liz Photography

  • Saturday, March 25, 2017 - 4:42 pm

    Mary - It was so fun watching your Question and Answer video. I always wondered what your relationship was. It must be fun to have such an awesome Step Mom! Thank you for being so real and talking about your relationship with God and your issues with Anxiety. I love your new hair cutReplyCancel


Creamy Lemon Bars @themerrythoughtThese bars are one of my favorite desserts! After making them and taking my photos, and finally getting to eat one I thought, man, I do not make these enough! (So many treats, so little time – ha!) I love lemon desserts and these are the perfect blend of lemon-y sweetness with a little kick of tart! And it’s on a shortbread crust, so it really couldn’t be more perfect. I love to take these to spring gatherings (Easter/babies showers/bridal showers) – they’re always a hit!Creamy Lemon Bars @themerrythoughtCreamy Lemon Bars @themerrythoughtCreamy Lemon Bars

Shortbread Crust:
1/3 cup unsalted butter, softened
1/4 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
3/4 cup flour

4 ounces cream cheese, softened
1 cup granulated sugar
1 egg + 1 egg white
2 tablespoons flour
2 teaspoons lemon zest
3-4 tablespoons lemon juice (I like a good amount of lemon juice in mine)
powdered sugar for dusting on top

Preheat oven to 350°F. Line an 8×8 pan with parchment paper (or line pan with foil and spray with cooking spray), set aside.

Blend butter, powdered sugar and vanilla in a medium bowl with pastry blender until well combined. Gradually mix in 3/4 cup flour. Press onto bottom of prepared pan. Bake 10-12 min.

Meanwhile, beat cream cheese and granulated sugar in medium bowl with mixer until well blended. Add egg and egg white, beating well. Add the 2 tablespoons flour, lemon zest and juice; mix well.

Pour cream cheese mixture over crust. Bake 22-25 minutes or until center is set. Cool completely.

Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Keep refrigerated. (I think this tastes best chilled for a bit)

Adapted from Kraft

Creamy Lemon Bars @themerrythoughtCreamy Lemon Bars @themerrythought

  • Wednesday, March 22, 2017 - 12:26 pm

    Sarah - These look amazing! I love lemon bars. I love how natural and creamy your version looks. I definitely need to give them a try.


  • Wednesday, March 22, 2017 - 1:48 pm

    Maritza - These bars look so yummy and gorgeous. Lemon is the perfect flavor for spring!ReplyCancel

  • Wednesday, March 22, 2017 - 5:31 pm

    Natalie - Lemon cake is my absolute favourite springtime treat. I’ve never had a lemon bar, but my mouth is watering just thinking about these, I think my humble cake might have some competition on its hands

    – Natalie

  • Friday, March 24, 2017 - 3:29 am

    Romi - Lemon Cake! yummy. Love this lemon bars. I will try it at home for my kids.ReplyCancel

  • Friday, March 24, 2017 - 6:09 am

    Lisa - These look delicious! I love anything lemon flavoured. Such a fresh flavour.ReplyCancel

  • Saturday, March 25, 2017 - 10:28 am

    Angelina Stroumpouli - Hey there!

    I have a thing for lemon desserts! I need to make this recipe for Easter holidays. I’m not going to give anything to my family, I will eat all of them on my own! Haha…

    Lots of love,

  • Sunday, March 26, 2017 - 1:41 pm

    kelli b - i made these yesterday and they were perfect! i didn’t have an 8×8 pan, so i used a pie pan, but the recipe still checked out and turned out exactly as it should. my kids and husband love them! i’ll probably make a second batch tonight. thanks for sharing!!ReplyCancel

    • Monday, March 27, 2017 - 10:22 am

      Manda - Yay – so glad you like them!!ReplyCancel


DIY Egg Vase Centerpiece @themerrythoughtHoliday decor is always something I struggle to come up with but once the holiday comes around, I always wish that I would have taken time to make some decorations. So I’ve been trying to come up with some simple ideas for Easter decor that I would actually like and I remembered the macrame wheat grass eggs that I made 3(!) years ago. I loved how they incorporated plants in as a very minimal spring-y decor. So I decided to make some scrambled eggs and turn the egg shells into vases this year instead of mini planters. Plus it gave me a reason to buy myself fresh flowers… these ranunculus are killing me!DIY Egg Vase Centerpiece @themerrythoughtWhat you need:

How to make it:
-Use knife to cut into egg and break off top.
-Rinse out egg thoroughly.
-Fill with water.
-Trim flowers and add to vases!
The video below might help give you a clearer picture of the first step!

Find more of our DIY & recipe videos on the Darby App!
DIY Egg Vase Centerpiece @themerrythoughtDIY Egg Vase Centerpiece @themerrythoughtDIY Egg Vase Centerpiece @themerrythoughtDIY Egg Vase Centerpiece @themerrythoughtxo. Caitlin


Learn Brushlettering @themerrythoughtWe’ve had learn hand lettering on our “want to do” list for ages! It’s something we always talk about wanting to do – whether it be calligraphy or brush lettering, we just wanted to learn some techniques, tips and tricks to this art. We’ve finally taken the plunge and started. And honestly, I can’t believe we waited this long to do something like this. It’s been really fun to learn a new skill and it’s been pretty addicting – you just want to keep doing it! Forget laundry, dishes, making dinner – just keep lettering!! It’s been a nice mental break too, to do something just for the sake of learning something new and to have fun.Learn Brushlettering @themerrythoughtOur friend Colleen, who has amazing hand lettering, offers an e-course for learning brush lettering. We’ve been slowly working our through this course – we’re still in the very beginning stages of developing our hand lettering skills. The course covers everything from picking up a brush pen (and how to hold it) to variations of letters to help define your unique style to flourishing and final composition. Plus there’s bonus sections on digitizing your work and lettering on surfaces. You can check out all the course modules here.
The course is officially live! That means that everyone who registers will be emailed the first section of course content right away. It’s currently priced at $77 (that price may be going up soon, so if you’re going to do it – the sooner the better!). Plus you can get 15% off using the code “so-merry”!! (Code expires 3/31/17 – so don’t wait too long!) AND there might be a giveaway coming up over on Instagram – so make sure to check us out over there!Learn Brushlettering @themerrythoughtWe’ve also got a couple free prints for you that we made. And remember, we’re still in the early process of learning this art – so don’t judge too harshly – haa! We just thought it’d be fun to offer these prints, as we always love adding prints to our walls and change them out frequently. (They also can work as desktop backgrounds or screen savers).It Is Well With My Soul - Free Printable @themerrythought

Download Here

Free Wilderness Printable @themerrythought

Download Here

We’d love to have you join us in learning this new creative skill! It’s fun going through it with someone else, you can chat about the different pens & paper you like, have someone give you feedback and motivate you to keep at it. So if this is something you’ve been wanting to try – join us as we continue working our way through this course!Learn Brushlettering @themerrythoughtWhat about you? Have you worked on any new creative skills this year?

-Caitlin & Manda

(Post contains affiliate links. All opinions expressed our own.)

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