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DIY Hanging Table @themerrythought A couple months ago my cousin, Sarah, agreed to let me redo her room so I would have a fresh space to make projects for – it gets hard making projects for my tiny apartment all the time! We finally started working on her room and this was one of the first projects we did… and I LOVE it! My uncle, like my dad, has amazing collections of useful project materials that he so generously lets me rummage through and steal stuff from! This gorgeous cross cut of black walnut came from my aunt’s grandfather’s farm. It was cut down over 50 years ago and had been stacked in a barn at her parents’ house for years before my uncle snagged it!
DIY Hanging Table @themerrythought DIY Hanging Table @themerrythought DIY Hanging Table @themerrythought What you need:
-Cross Section of Wood
-Orbit Sander
-Spray Polyurethane
-Hot Glue Gun
-Toggle Lock – that will fit your eye screw
-Eye Screw

How to make it:
-Cut a flat side in your wood – this will be the side that rests against the wall.
-Sand your cross cut down into a smooth surface.
-Drill three holes (the width of your rope) on your piece of wood. One centered in the back and the other two, equal distance from the first, towards the front of the wood.
-Coat the wood in a few coats of polyurethane. Let it dry in between coats.
-Cut a piece of felt slightly smaller than the edge that will rest against the wall and hot glue it in place. This will help prevent scratching up you wall but you can skip this step if you want!
-Lace your rope through the holes. I started at the left side tied a loose knot at one end of the rope and threaded the other end up through the hole. Leave enough rope to reach up to the height you want the table to hang at and back down. Thread down through the second hole and then up through the third hole. Leave untied until you are ready to hang it.
-Measure how far out your ropes will have to be from the wall for the back of your table to hang so that it’s resting right up against the wall. Make a mark at that spot.
-Drill a hole that will fit your toggle lock.
-Insert the toggle lock according to instructions on the package.
-Screw in eye screw and then hook s-hook through it.
-Put the first loop and the rest of the rope coming up from the third hole over the s-hook. Make sure the table is level by adjusting the rope. Take the long remainder of rope (coming up from the third hole) and wrap it around the three strands a few times, tuck the end down through what you wrapped and then pull tight and trim excess rope.
-If it is not completely level you can loose the knot tied below the first hole and adjust the knot up or down until the table is level. Make sure the knot is secured tightly and then trim excess rope.
DIY Hanging Table @themerrythought DIY Hanging Table @themerrythoughtDIY Hanging Table @themerrythoughtDIY Hanging Table @themerrythought I’ll be sharing the full room makeover and a few more DIY projects from Sarah’s space later this month!

xo. Caitlin

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36 thoughts on “DIY Hanging Table”

  1. I am absolutely in love!!! I have been searching for a unique alternative to a standard bedside table and you’ve given me a great solution! Nice work and I cant wait to see your other posts! xo Jessie @woolandwhiskey_

    1. Ha! Actually there usually are quite a few little cousins & friends running throughout their house. The weight of the wood plus the support of leaning against the wall keeps the table much more stable than you would think. My cousin has given it quite a few big bumps and not spilled her water or dumped anything else off of it. As long as the kiddos know not to climb on tables, it should be A-OK!

      1. Thank you! And we’re fine with people sharing one photo on their blog with a link back to our blog for the rest of the photos and instructions. Thanks for checking!

    1. I’m honestly not sure – I’d recommend trying a local saw mill or possibly a lumberyard. Or just hope that a friend has a nice tree that falls down and cut off a chunk for yourself!

  2. We have a lot of slate and shale that is quite pretty in my area. I might try this using a piece if that. Thank you for this great idea!

  3. I love the shape of your wood. I’m wondering if you have any ideas on how to get the wood to have that natural, inconsistent edge? I tried looking for live edge wood slabs, but not a lot of luck finding anything similar to yours. Thanks!

    1. I’m honestly not sure if there’s a way you could make a plain piece of wood look like that.
      There are some companies that sell live edge wood slabs online (but they’re quite pricey) or you could try a local lumber or milling company.

  4. LOVE THIS ! Its gorgeous & can go with most any decor (can even go in a den or other room in house-Even perfect for your beach house or Lake house)
    My daughter is starting college this week. I’m going to make one for her and “tweek” it toward her style Maybe make it rectangular (using diff type of wood as she is a teenager, paint it to match her room Decor/bedding & put a gloss/stain on it! And make one for myself like the one shown. I love this one you have made, Imhoping to find a nice piece of driftwood to use!! Thank you for this WONDERFUL IDEA!!!

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