Floral Baby Shower

Floral Baby Shower - Fresh Flower Wall @themerrythought We recently teamed up with our cousins Rachel and Victoria to throw a baby shower for another cousin, Bailey. The shower was especially fun to put together because Bailey is having a girl! (We’ve had quite a lot of boys in the family over the last few years…) We decided to keep things girly and spring-ish with a simple floral theme. We had hoped to be able to throw the shower outdoors in the garden, but spring just took too long to get here! We’re thankful for my mama’s lovely home and that she is always so willing to host.

Here’s a little peek at the party:
Floral Baby Shower @themerrythought Floral Baby Shower - Fresh Flower Wall @themerrythought Floral Baby Shower - Fresh Flower Cake @themerrythought Floral Baby Shower - Fresh Flower Cake @themerrythought Floral Baby Shower @themerrythought Floral Baby Shower @themerrythought Floral Baby Shower @themerrythought -We decorated the walls with fresh flowers and washi tape. (And we’re a bit obsessed with it.)
-Clusters of giant kraft paper flowers lined the walls. (We’re sharing the tutorial later this week!)
-We served appetizers and desserts (because what’s better than that?!) including homemade hummus, pickle & ham pinwheels, texas caviar, strawberry bruschetta, veggies & dip, a gorgeous flower topped strawberry cake, mini parfaits, cream wafers, blackberry crumble bars, and mini raspberry cheesecakes…
-The mantel was lined with flowers, handmade pom-poms and pinwheels, and a string of sweet baby photos of the mom & dad to-be.
-Bouquets whipped up by my talented mama were wrapped up in kraft paper bags.
-Sweet little Essie joined all of us ladies… she may have slept through most of the excitement though 😉
-Sent everyone home with a thank-you bag full of homemade caramel corn.

So fun collaborating with family to throw these parties! We had a few crafternoon get togethers to work on projects and it’s always so fun to be together, eating good food and working on projects! We’re so thankful for family and so happy for the mama-to-be! Praying you have a restful, safe and quick 😉 last month of pregnancy Bailey – we can’t wait to meet your baby girl!

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