DIY Herb Garden Starter Kit

This month, we’re joining with the other Michaels Makers to celebrate & honor moms in the Mother’s Day Challenge. My mom is an avid gardener, so when it comes to thinking of gifts for her, it’s all things plant & garden related. And with Caitlin & mine’s growing affection for plants, not to mention, the arrival of spring & the time to start playing in the dirt, it only seemed natural to make a garden-themed gift!
DIY Herb Garden Starter Kit @themerrythoughtThis simple herb garden starter kit would make for a sweet gift for a mama in your life! Plus once those herbs are in, she’ll be able to use them in cooking and mocktail making – so it’s like the gift that just keeps giving! 😉
DIY Herb Garden Starter Kit @themerrythoughtFor the Plant Markers:

– clay
– rolling pin
– knife
– letter stamps

Roll out clay to 1/4” thickness. Use the knife to cut desired shape for plant markers. Use the letter stamps to stamp out herb names. Or you can just leave them blank and the names can be handwritten/painted on. Let dry according to directions.

Once you’ve made your plant markers, gather the rest of your gifts and bundle them into a nice package. We used a plain wooden box, lined with linen to hold our goodies. We added a leather handle using a piece of an old belt and a staple gun. Seed packets aren’t always the prettiest, so we thought it would be a nice touch to make our own. We used 3”x4” white paper bags and just poured the seeds into those. You can hand write or stamp the herb names onto the bags. Add in a few other fun supplies (a nice pair of scissors, twine, garden gloves, or small pots) and you’re ready to make a plant-loving mom’s day!
DIY Herb Garden Starter Kit @themerrythoughtDIY Herb Garden Starter Kit @themerrythoughtDIY Herb Garden Starter Kit @themerrythoughtDIY Herb Garden Starter Kit @themerrythoughtBe sure to check out all the other amazing gift ideas to get inspired for making your own Mother’s Day gift here or on The Glue String Blog!

xo. Manda & Caitlin

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