DIY Plant Lady Costume

This week’s costume is perfect for us and for any other plant lovers out there! We’ve shared manyyy plant posts over the years (they’re some of our favorites!) and now we’re turning our love for plants into a superrr easy plant lady costume! If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes on Etsy in the past couple years, I’m sure you’ve seen many “plant lady” shirts, necklaces, bags… everything! So if you already own a shirt you can probably just throw this outfit together mostly with things you already have at home! And if you don’t already have a shirt – you can make your own with the printable I’m sharing below!

woman wearing plant lady costume surrounded by plantsWhat you need for the Plant Lady Costume:

Plain white tee
Plant lady printable
Iron-on transfer paper
Rain boots
Greenery garland
-Artificial plant

How to make it:

-Download the printable shared above.

-Print it onto iron-on transfer paper.

-Cut out and iron on to plain t-shirt as directed on your transfer paper instructions.

-Put outfit together and wear it out!

I’m sure the tutorial is pretty self-explanatory at this point but we included the tutorial in the video below for those of you that would rather watch along!

woman wearing plant lady costume surrounded by plantswoman wearing jeans and white tee holding plant and making a kissing face towards itwoman wearing jeans and white tee surrounded by plants-Caitlin

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