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This has been one of the warmest fall seasons we’ve had in recent years, and I’ve been loving it! (I was wearing sandals in November, which is crazy for around here – last year at this time we were having snow days and towns nearby were buried in snow!!) We recently were out taking some photos with a friend and since I know there’s going to be a lot of shopping happening over the next few weeks for so many, I wanted to share a few things that I have been loving lately – because they’d make great presents and should definitely be added to your wish list! 😉

First, these lovely necklaces made by our dear friend Rebekah – I have never received so many compliments on jewelry as when I wear her necklaces! My absolute favorite and the one I wear pretty much every day is my mama bear necklace. But when I feel like switching things up, these pretty ones paired together are a favorite too!

Second, this bag. Oh how I love this bag…but I love where it came from and who made it even more. An organization near & dear to my heart is SEED Livelihood – who use global partnerships to create livelihoods for people who may not have other opportunities in their local settings. I’ve met the directors of this organization and they’re amazing people doing amazing things! And this bag, this lovely vegan leather bag, made by women in East Asia, has been my everyday bag for the last few months. It’s got the perfect amount of pockets (even one the perfect size for my Kindle!!), and it’s $44 (they have a mini one too for cheaper)!! Getting the perfect bag + helping women make a living to support their families = winning!

Third, this hat! I’ve been wanting a hat like this forever, however I have a giant head and one size fits all is so not true! But thanks to Old Navy, who makes hats in different sizes, this girl finally got her hat! (I couldn’t find it online, I bought mine in the store, so maybe check a store near you?)

What have you been loving lately….I have a wish list that needs to get made and need some ideas!! 🙂

Photos by our lovely friend Charissa Tosh – who manages to make beautiful pictures even with someone as awkward as me!

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