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Lugia's Ice Cream | The Merrythought
Yesterday was the last of Malacai’s follow up appointments from his accident last month (I’m working on that story to share here soon…).  We have received an all clear from all the specialists – so relieved and thankful!  We decided to stop for a little ice cream celebration on the way home.
Ice Cream  |  The Merrythought
Lugia’s is one of my favorite places to go for ice cream around here.  It’s actually a little bit more a drive for us, as it’s in Spencerport.  (But it was conveniently on the way home from Cai’s doctors appointment. 🙂 ) It’s well worth the trip though for their yummy ice cream.  Well, I actually don’t even go for ice cream, I go for the custard.  The blackberry custard.  Mmm…it’s so creamy and wonderful.
Ice Cream | The Merrythought
This place is very, very popular.  They have multiple windows to order at and lanes for each window.  The lanes are always overflowing on hot summer days.  (Go earlier in the day if you want to avoid a long wait!)  One of the great things about Lugia’s is that they have huge portions for a small price.
Ice Cream | The Merrythought
Mike & Cai | The Merrythought
Malacai  |  The Merrythought
I’m so thankful for my sweet little Malacai and that he’s fully recovered! (And thanks to you friends for all yours prayers and support the last month.)

You can see another favorite ice cream spot here. What about you – do you have a favorite ice cream spot to visit??

Here’s to more ice cream cones!  Manda

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