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Merry Thankful @themerrythought
Merry Thankful @themerrythought
Merry Thankful @themerrythought
Merry Thankful @themerrythought
I hope you had a delicious Thanksgiving day! This week I am thankful for:
.. this amazing rainbow came on a day that was full of frustration and feeling like a failure. a beautiful reminder of God’s mercy. we ran out in our bare feet, I took a deep breath and said a prayer of thanks that I could share this moment with my little lady who kept pointing and yelling wainbow!
.. a brunch with family. and this delicious sweet potato hash with sausage and eggs, so good!
.. our warm fireplace. and that silly little boy who refuses to wear pants.
.. these sweet little snow babes. and although it’s rather early for this kind of snow.. it sure is beautiful.
.. these fresh eggs, every day. we are now getting enough to give to friends & family.
.. that sweet ginger baby in my bed. so many sleepless nights, yet I am so thankful God gave me this sweet redhead. soaking up this time of feeling her tiny body falling asleep on my chest.

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Merry Thankful @themerrythought

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Merry Thankful @themerrythought

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If you are reading this, we are thankful for you! We have enjoyed going through all your photos at #merrythankful and getting a glimpse of what brings you joy in the here and now. Looking forward to continuing this journey of being thankful in the daily grind as we approach Advent.
– Marla

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