Hanging Advent Wreath

Hanging Advent Wreath @themerrythought
This Sunday is the start of Advent.  As my boys have gotten older, I’ve been trying to find ways that I can share the anticipation and hope we have in celebrating the arrival of Jesus.   I love the wonder and joy of this season.  I love decorating and baking endless goodies.  I love to bless my boys with gifts and celebrate with fun Christmas traditions like our Advent Calendars.
Hanging Advent Wreath @themerrythought
I also want to be sure we take the time this season to wait and be still. He is coming – do we feel the thrill of hope? My plan is to light one candle each Sunday during the Advent season and talk about the hope, love, joy and peace that we have in Jesus, together as a family. I want our family to enjoy each day of merriment this season brings and to also experience the thrill of anticipation awaiting the greatest gift we were given.   So out of that, came our hanging advent wreath.
Hanging Advent Wreath @themerrythought
It’s a simple and inexpensive wreath – we gathered grapevine and greenery from our back yard.  The candle clips were found on Etsy. Probably the hardest part of this wreath is finding candles that are the right size for the the candle clips. I love it’s simplicity and the festiveness it brings to our decor.
Hanging Advent Wreath @themerrythought
What you need:
– grapevine
– greenery
– wire
– candle clips (mine are vintage, found on Etsy)
candles (make sure they will fit the candle clips you have, mine needed 1/2″ diameter candles)
How to do it:
Form the grapevine into a circle, overlapping the ends as desired. Wrap wire around vine in a few places to hold together.  Start adding pieces of greenery around the grapevine, securing with the wire as you go along. Repeat to make a second, smaller wreath.  Measure the distance you will want your wreaths to hang, making sure to leave enough space for the candles to burn safely.  (Mine wreaths are 12.5″ apart).  Cut three sections of wire to length, adding about an extra 2 inches.  Wrap wire around bottom wreath, twisting to secure (see picture).  Repeat with remaining two pieces of wire, evenly spacing apart on the wreath.  Attach the second wreath to the top of the wire pieces, twisting to secure.  Cut another three sections of wire to desired length (this will just be determined by how long you would like it for hanging – mine is about 8″ from loop to wreath), making sure to leave a few extra inches for forming a loop.  Attach the three pieces of wire to the top wreath, twisting to secure, making sure they are evenly spaced on the wreath.  Bring the three wire pieces together, form a loop, and twist together.  Cut off any excess wire as needed.  You may need to straighten and adjust wire a bit at this point to make sure the wreaths hang straight.  Make sure all wire is secure.  Add clips and candles.
*Make sure to use caution when hanging and lighting candles.
Hanging Advent Wreath @themerrythought


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