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Life Lately @themerrythought
Life Lately @themerrythought
Life Lately @themerrythought
Life Lately @themerrythought
Life Lately @themerrythought
Life Lately @themerrythought
I always intend to do better sharing little glimpses of real life and not just all recipes and projects; I know there’s a couple readers out there who sometimes like to “see us” (hi mom!). And I know I could do that with Instagram, but for some reason I seem to be pretty bad about actually posting my photos to IG – I take them, some I even edit and then I never actually post them – lame! (Some of these photos have been posted though, that’s me being lazy and not wanting to find a new photo to edit for this post – lame!)

Soo, for the couple people out there wondering what’s been going in my life lately, here’s a brief summary via cell phone photos:
As I mentioned before, a few weeks in April & May were pretty rough for us – I was sick for almost 4 weeks! Ughhh. I had bronchitis/borderline pneumonia and I still feel like I’m playing catch up on everything I got behind on during that time. Of course everyone in our family (except Lincoln – high-five Linc!) got sick at some point during that time.
I tried to do my best to get outside and enjoy the start of spring – what a sad time to be sick, I feel like I missed all the spring goodness!
We went and visited Zac up in Buffalo and spent some time in Delaware Park wandering around. Unfortunately, we had to cut the visit short because I was miserable with a fever and achiness.
I made some delicious tomato bread recently that I must share the recipe for soon! I loveeee it!
My little babies, wandering around a greenhouse, picking out Mother’s Day gifts for their grandmas.
So bittersweet, my baby turned five. Five! I just can’t even believe that my youngest is that old already! This is our traditional birthday breakfast – a plate of donuts!  And yes, he has a swollen eye in that picture, the poor kid is so sensitive to bugs bites and the bugs seem to be extra bad this year.  And Levi always seems to get bitten the most, and usually around his face.
We celebrate a lot of birthdays in May & June, and this year we threw the April birthday in there too! Everyone had been too sick to celebrate birthdays, so we kept having to post-pone.  I felt terrible, but hopefully delicious Blueberry Cheesecake Pie made up for it!
After what felt like forever being trapped sick in the house, with at least one kiddo constantly at home with me, we finally managed to get (semi) healthy and have a date night.  I love this guy, a lot!
I found a place that sells delicious tacos, that’s not too far from home, and I am pumped about it! They reminded me of California tacos and made my heart, and belly, happy.
We spent a couple days up at the lake this past weekend and it was so good to get away and not have to worry about the ever demanding to-do list, at least for a couple days!

So there’s what I’ve been up to of late! (Hope you liked it mom! 😉 )


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