Birthday Traditions

Birthday Traditions | The Merrythought

I love to celebrate people on their birthdays. I want their day to feel special and full of fun. I’m sharing a few fun traditions you could start in your family (or with your friends) to celebrate that special someone on their birthday.

  • Sneak into their room while they’re sleeping and cover the room with balloons.  This is something our boys always love.   
  • Wake them up with a birthday dance party – we like to dance to the Birthday song by the Beatles.
  • Do a birthday interview every year.  Ask questions like favorite color, favorite food, what they like to do, what they want to be.  Keep a written list in a birthday notebook or do it on video.

Birthday Breakfast & Traditions | The Merrythought

  • Serve a special birthday breakfast – we like to do donuts or pancakes.  Try adding candles to something at every meal for a fun surprise.
  • Have a birthday chair – decorate their chair at the table with balloons and streamers.
  • Put them in charge of the menu for the day – let them pick out what they want to eat for each meal.  
  • Do an annual birthday painting.  Every year, do a painting (on or near your birthday) on a nice canvas.  Make a wall collage of all the birthday paintings.  (You can see how we do ours here).

What about you, do you have any fun birthday traditions? I’d love to hear them!   Manda

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