First Day of School :: 2017 Edition

And just like that, we’re finally welcoming in another school year. By the end of summer I was definitely feeling ready for school to start. The boys needed a break from each other and I needed to be able to work effectively again! But it still always feels bittersweet to send them off. I love each new stage they enter, and can definitely appreciate the little bit of ‘freedom’ that comes with older kids; but gosh, somedays I’m missing those baby & toddler stages so much. Sadly, all the cliche phrases that the moms of older kids say are true. And now I’m one of those “old moms” wanting to tell all the mamas with crying babies in the store, it goes by too fast, enjoy it while you can! 😏 But then again, I’m also not complaining about being in the store kid-free! 😉 Haa! Just one of those things I think I’ll forever feel back & forth on.
So here’s the boys annual pictures (I actually never remembered to post last year’s because of our trip out to CA right after school started up 😞. Thankfully I have the photos and their favs/answer written down). I love looking back on these – this is the first year that Linc said something other than farmer for what he wanted to be. Feeling sad about that, but it’s cute he wants to be like his daddy. And Levi just wants to be like his big brother…Back to School | 2017 Edition @themerrythoughtBack to School | 2017 Edition @themerrythoughtBack to School | 2017 Edition @themerrythoughtThanks for putting up with my mom-blog posts! Promise not to throw too many of these in…😉


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