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Today, we thought we’d give you a peek at a few things you would find in our kitchens.  The three of us love, love vintage kitchen ware.  If you could see the amount of dishes, glasses, mixing bowls, and baking dishes the three of us own, well…it might border on obsession.  When you’re out thrifting and spot a pretty dish, it’s just too hard to pass up!

{Manda} I collect the Blue Heaven (Royal China) pattern. I saw this pattern online years ago and fell in love. This seems to be a really hard pattern to find around here though. I found a small serving bowl and baking dish first. I didn’t even get my first plates on the East Coast – my parents went out to visit my baby sister in California and they found 7 plates at a thrift store…for $1 each!! I was soo happy. Then a few months ago I actually found 3 more plates at my very own local thrift shop for $.29 each!!! Happy dance in the dish aisle! I don’t have a lot yet in this pattern, but it keeps the thrift hunting fun!
Kitchen - Cake Stands - The Merrythought
I also am always on the look out for cake stands and vintage cake carriers. These are just a few of the ones I own. As a baker, you can’t have too many cake stands, right?
Kitchen - Plate - The Merrythought
{Caitlin} I recently stumbled upon a mini collection of these vintage plates for a couple dollars and just about died of happiness! I have three or four of each of the different sizes of the plates and a matching platter. I haven’t taken the time to research the company that made them yet, but if ever you see some of this set… buy them for me!
Kitchen - Vintage Linens - The Merrythought
I have collected a lot of vintage linens over the years and some of my favorites are the vintage kitchen towels that I’ve found at estate and garage sales. They have so much character and if you love them too much to actually use them, they look great hanging up on the wall or stacked on a shelf.
{Marla} I first sighted this beautiful pattern on a few plates at our local Salvation Army. It was love at first sight with those fabulous colors and patterns. My collection has grown quite a bit, as they often pop up at Salva’s for under a dollar…what’s a girl to do?! My mom even scored the egg plate there for me.
My addiction to vintage Pyrex started with that white mixing bowl in the middle. It was a gift from my husband’s grandmother right after we were married. I found a couple more at a barn sale a few years later. All of the casserole dishes have been gifts…I like that people think of me when they see vintage Pyrex. 😉

We hope you enjoyed a tiny glimpse of what we collect. What’s your kitchen obsession?

xo. Marla, Manda and Caitlin

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