Roadside Find: Painted High Chair

Painted High Chair | The Merrythought
My bearded mister and I were on a date night recently. We noticed a high chair on the side of the road and decided if it was there on the way home, we would stop to check it out. Thankfully it was still there on our drive home…if I had known what a find it was, I would have stopped right away! It is a lovely vintage wooden high chair, with a bottom that folds up into a play table. One of the arms was broken, but I knew it would be an easy fix [even easier if you get your loving husband to do it]. I wasn’t crazy about the finish and decided our kitchen needed a splash of yellow. My handy husband spray painted the chair yellow and also took off the hardware and spray painted it bronze. You see how well this works…I come up with brilliant ideas and he does all the dirty work. 😉 I’m sure this lovely little high chair has seen many meals and I’m happy to say it will see many more with my bouncing babes. – Marla

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