Upcycled Cutting Board

Upcycled Cutting Board @themerrythought I often find myself drooling over the incredible handcrafted cutting boards for sale out there – following talented makers on instagram can get my wallet in trouble! A few months ago I had plans to make one of my own but I couldn’t find any hardwood that wasn’t too expensive so it got pushed back on my list of things to do. The other day I was in Salvation Army and I saw a cutting board that was in rough shape and had some silly paint on it and I realized that for $.99 I could refinish it and shape it into a cutting board that I actually want!
Upcycled Cutting Board @themerrythought What you need:
-Old cutting board / wooden serving tray
-Table saw
-Jig saw
-Belt sander
-Butcher block conditioner
Upcycled Cutting Board @themerrythought Upcycled Cutting Board @themerrythought How to make it:
-Trace out the shape you want your cutting board to be onto the old board.
-Use the table saw to cut any of the long, straight sides.
-Clamp your board down and use the jig saw to cut out the neck of the cutting board. Put another piece of wood on the cutting board so your clamps don’t dig in and leave marks.
-Sand and begin to round edges with the belt sander.
-Use various size grit sandpapers to shape edges and neck of cutting board into the desired shape.
-Apply butcher block conditioner according to directions.
Upcycled Cutting Board @themerrythoughtPsst…if you’re interested in the lovely knife, my dad made it, you can buy one at The Red Bird Shop!Upcycled Cutting Board @themerrythought Upcycled Cutting Board @themerrythought If you’re local, don’t start thrifting all the cutting boards – leave a few for me! 😉 I’m definitely going to be making a few more of these!

xo. Caitlin

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