Printable Spice Jar Labels

My first official project from the new kitchen!! The kitchen is still not finished 😩; but I’ve been chomping at the bit to share some projects with you guys. I decided I’d go ahead with any little ones I could, while we keep working at getting it finished up! First up – these printable spice jar labels!

This is a tiny peak of the new kitchen and one of my favorite corners – the built in spice jar shelves. I dreamt up this space months ago, and the day I finally set up my spice jars was so gratifying! I’d been living with my spices in a box for months, and to get them organized and on a shelf made life so much easier.

I chose the top 20 spices that I use most frequently to go in my spice nook. I know everyone will have different spices that they use, so the printable spice jar labels I made include 57 spices. You can just print and cut out the ones you need. I tried to think of all the top/most used spices out there. There are a few blank ones as well if there’s a spice you use that wasn’t included.

The labels are made specially to fit this size jar. I love these jars, most of the spices I buy easily fit in these jars without having extra you’ll need to store somewhere. They don’t have a shaker top, but I rarely use my spices that way, I was always having to pop the top off to fit a measuring spoon in, so I don’t miss that at all!

free printable spice jar labels on glass spice jars with wood lids
spice jars on wood shelf in kitchen
printable spice jar labels on glass spice jars on shelf in kitchen
spice jars on shelf in kitchen
jar of cinnamon on kitchen counter



Print labels on sticker paper. Cut labels out along dotted lines and secure to jars. Fill jars and organize your spices!

labeled glass spice jars on kitchen shelf
free printable spice jar labels on glass jar with wood lid
labeled glass spice jars on towel
glass spice jars on shelves with white labels

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