Pantry Organization – DIY Leather Labels

Happy 2017 friends! We enjoyed soaking up time with family & friends over the last couple weeks and are slowly easing our way back here to blog world! We can’t believe it’s already a new year! We love the fresh start feeling that comes with a new year and have slowly been taking down the signs of Christmas in our homes and getting spaces re-organized. Caitlin recently moved into the house she’s sharing with her cousin (that they’ve spent the last 6 months renovating – we can’t wait to share the space with you over the next few months!!) and has been working on the final touches – like getting the pantry and kitchen shelves organized! We picked up some baskets at Michaels to store some pantry goods, and added some simple leather labels to keep things a little more organized & neat! These leather labels are an easy, simple way to upgrade storage baskets and help keep you even more organized!Pantry Organization - DIY Leather Labels @themerrythought @michaelsstoresPantry Organization - DIY Leather Labels @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
leather suede strips
– scissors
alphabet stamp set
leather punch
– water
– rag
– hammer
– baskets
– jump rings
– needle nose pliersPantry Organization - DIY Leather Labels @themerrythought @michaelsstoresHow to make it:
– Cut leather into desired shape/size.
– Dampen the leather slightly with water.
– Place a piece of scrap hardwood underneath the leather and stamp the letters.
– Use the leather punch to punch holes in the sides of the leather labels.
– Use the pliers & jump rings to attach the labels to the baskets.Pantry Organization - DIY Leather Labels @themerrythoughtPantry Organization - DIY Leather Labels @themerrythought @michaelsstoresWhat projects do you have on your list for the new year? For more organization ideas, be sure to check out what the other Makers have shared here or on The Glue String!

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