Popcorn Bar + Family Game Night

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Every year during December we do different advent activities as a family. In the past, that’s included a popcorn and hot chocolate night. We also do a family game night as one of the activities. This year, we’re stepping it up a little bit and combining two to make one amazing night – a popcorn bar – with lots of delicious toppings to choose from, and family game night! So much fun and actually pretty easy to put together!Popcorn Bar + Family Game Night @themerrythoughtFor family game nights, we’ve been using our Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet. It comes with a year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, which has thousands of educational books, videos, apps and games available. We’ve got a few different family-friendly games on there that we like to rotate through – the boys always keep begging to play longer and we usually end up laughing till we cry while playing (okay, mostly just mom). And as you can see, our tablet gets a lot of love by these rough-and-tumble boys, so the two-year worry-free guarantee and kid-proof case are such a great benefit for us – if they break it, send it back and Amazon will replace it. No questions asked. One of my new favorite features is the Offline Mode – you can download and watch FreeTime Unlimited videos while offline!! The boys are super excited about this feature and it’s perfect for all the traveling that we’ll be doing over the next month for holiday get togethers!Popcorn Bar + Family Game Night @themerrythoughtPopcorn Bar + Family Game Night @themerrythoughtPopcorn Bar + Family Game Night @themerrythoughtPopcorn Bar + Family Game Night @themerrythoughtPopcorn Bar + Family Game Night @themerrythoughtPopcorn Bars don’t have to be a lot of work – it’s mostly just buying toppings and pouring them in bowls. You can keep it simple by using store bought seasonings as well. We poured our seasonings into small glass jars and just used sticker labels on the outside – cute and easy. Put some removable sticker letters up on the wall, and you’ve created an official popcorn bar in just a few minutes! We’ve got our toppings and seasonings listed below for anyone looking for ideas.Popcorn Bar + Family Game Night @themerrythoughtPopcorn Bar + Family Game Night @themerrythoughtPopcorn Bar Toppings:

salted caramel sauce
– chocolate sauce
– garlic parmesan
– ranch
– cinnamon sugar
– fresh herbs
– mini peanut butter cups
– gummy bears
– mini marshmallows
– mini chocolate chips
– banana chips
– mini m&m’s
– sprinkles
– crushed oreos
– mini pretzels
– peanutsPopcorn Bar + Family Game Night @themerrythoughtPopcorn Bar + Family Game Night @themerrythoughtPopcorn Bar + Family Game Night @themerrythought What would you top your popcorn with? And what are some of your favorite family activities/games to play?

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