Modern Traditional Bathroom Makeover

Super excited to be sharing this bathroom makeover today! Mike and I spent the last month or so working on one of the bathrooms in my parents’ house. We refer to their home as Sweet Home, so I’ve been calling this project, the “sweet home bathroom makeover”. I actually have no idea what to really even call styles most of the time. It’s such a mix of things, traditional, modern, country, antique. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Anyhow, I’m so happy with how the bathroom makeover turned out, and I think my parents are too, haha!

I’ve got lots of photos and details below, including the before pictures if you keep scrolling down. We also shared a video tour of the space, see that below too. At the bottom of the post, you’ll find the links to the products/materials we used in this space. We’ve also got a few DIYs we’ll be sharing in the upcoming weeks, including how we transformed an old dresser into the bathroom vanity.

wooden dresser bathroom vanity with wood mirror above it and green painted beadboard wall

While doing this bathroom makeover, I tried to incorporate things my parents wanted and things I liked (haha!), while also keeping in mind that this was an old Greek revival home, built in the 1830’s. My parents have some amazing moulding throughout their home. I wanted this bathroom to fit in with the rest of the rooms, while also not feeling like too much, since it is just the bathroom.

white toilet with painted beadboard wall behind it with small painting hanging above toilet

Two things I love in this space – the color of the beadboard paneling. We used Sherwin Williams Honed Soapstone. Depending on the lighting, it can look green or blue or gray, and I love that about it. Another thing I love – the tiny painting above the toilet! It’s a painting my grandpa did, he was an artist, both paintings in the bathroom are ones he did. I have all the heart eyes for this little one hanging in this spot!

close up shot of top of bathroom vanity with glass soap dispenser and toothbrusher holder on it

The mirror was another labor of love project. My parents bought the mirror right after they got married, and it’s hung in various places in the homes they’ve lived in, including my bedroom as a teenager! It was painted when they bought it, and had been repainted a couple times since. The mirror had been in storage, so I decided to strip the paint and see if it could work in the bathroom. (So much work trying to get the paint out of those skinny grooves! 😓). I was excited to see that the wood matched the wood tone of the vanity pretty well and felt like it was meant to be!

painted beadboard half wall with painting above it
close up of dresser bathroom vanity with flowers on top

We found this old dresser on FB Marketplace for $30 and transformed it into the bathroom vanity! We’ll be sharing how we did that in an upcoming post.

The handles that came on the dresser were just modern, cheap ones so I decided to replace them. There were multiple holes in the drawers from different handles over the years, so I had to try and find ones that would cover all the old marks. I found these and then used a little rub ‘n buff on them to get the look I wanted.

corner of bathroom with wooden door and window with glass bottles sitting on sill
beadboard half wall painted green with wood pegs with towel hanging on it
marble tile shower with glass door

We weren’t sure what type of shower we were going to do when we started the renovation. My parents wanted it to be simple, both in looks and design, without a lot of shelves or ledges. We ended up going with tile since we could keep it as minimal as they wanted. To keep it simple, and not have a lot of extra things to clean, Mike just did one built in shower niche. We also added some shower grab bars, I took these photos before we installed those, but you can see them in the video.

marble tile shower with built in nook holding shampoo bottles
dresser bathroom vanity with wood mirror hanging above it

(I promise I did clean, and clean, and clean that mirror and just could not get rid of all the marks – haha!)

Here’s the video tour of the bathroom makeover:

Here are some before and after photos. I tried to get as much of the same angle as possible to give you a better idea of how the space changed.

before and after of date bathroom to a modern traditional bathroom
before and after of bathroom vanity
before and after of old shower stall to a marble tile shower
before and after of a wood wall in bathroom to a painted beadboard wall in bathroom
before and after of wallpapered wall in bathroom to a beadboard wall

So what do you think? Be sure to stay tuned for a few DIYs from this space!



Paint Color: Sherwin Williams – Honed Soapstone

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