Mini Clay Pot Magnets

DIY Mini Clay Pot Magnets  @themerrythought
I’ve got to admit, I don’t have much of a green thumb. My mom is an avid gardner with gorgeous flowers & gardens surrounding her house and plants fill every nook and cranny inside. But I don’t seem to have inherited that from her…gardening is one of my most hated chores (if I’m out there digging in the dirt I might see an earthworm…gahhh, I can’t even). What I do love? Plants that require hardly any upkeep. Like my beloved bamboo plant that I’ve had for about 12 years. And my most recent obsession – air plants! Caitlin got me a couple for Christmas and I’m smitten with them. They’re tiny, they can sit just about anywhere, and if I forgot about them for a few days, they’re fine.
DIY Mini Clay Pot Magnets  @themerrythought
On a recent trip to Michaels, I spotted these mini clay pots and had to have them. I thought they’d work great as magnets to go on my fridge and would be the perfect size for air plants (the perfect excuse to add a few more plants to my collection!). This project was so quick and easy and I love seeing my air plants hanging on the fridge.
DIY Mini Clay Pot Magnets  @themerrythought
DIY Mini Clay Pot Magnets  @themerrythought
What you need:

  • mini clay pots (I got mine at Michaels, these look pretty similar)
  • magnets (I recommend using high quality ones likes these, the pots will break if they fall off your fridge, so make sure your magnets will hold)
  • industrial strength glue
  • paint + paintbrush – optional
  • air plants (you can find them on Amazon or eBay)

DIY Mini Clay Pot Magnets  @themerrythought
To make them I painted my pots and let them dry (it only took a few minutes to dry). Then I placed a dab of the glue on the magnet and stuck it to the pot. (I wanted my pots to tilt slightly forward to give the plants more room, so I placed my magnet below the rim of the pot.)  I let the glue dry and was done.  Stuck them on the fridge and set my air plants in!
DIY Mini Clay Pot Magnets @themerrythought

Yay – it’s Friday! Enjoy this weekend!

– Manda

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