DIY Copper Cuff

DIY Copper Cuff @themerrythoughtI had a super productive weekend this weekend! Got ahead on some blog posts and got some cleaning done around the apartment. I feel like I can finally breathe! This was one of the projects I decided to give a try this weekend. I had some copper tubing left from the twig bracelets that I made a few weeks ago and I decided to put it to use (and not clutter up my already chaotic crafting corner) and make a few simple copper cuffs. All you need is a bit of strength and a tubing cutter and you can adorn your arm with one of these beauties.
DIY Copper Cuff @themerrythought What you need:
Copper Tubing
Tubing Cutter

How to make it:
Measure out how long you will need your cuff with a flexible tape measure. Use the tubing cutter to cut the wire to size and sand the ends so they are smooth. If you want a flat cuff, use a hammer to pound it flat on a smooth, hard surface. Use something sturdy and round (and a bit larger than the size of your wrist) to bend the tubing around. Wear it!
DIY Copper Cuff @themerrythought DIY Copper Cuff @themerrythought DIY Copper Cuff @themerrythought DIY Copper Cuff @themerrythoughtOff to work this morning before spending the afternoon with Levi. What are you up to today?

xo. Caitlin

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