Gardening Gift Basket

My mom is an amazing gardener, so when it’s time to start thinking of gifts for Mother’s Day, gardening tools, supplies and plants always come to mind for me. Combining them all into this gardening gift basket, or planter box, makes for a perfect gift for the gardener in your life!

overhead view of gardening tools, seed packets, plants and floral garden gloves

I wanted to include things that could be used both indoors and out…you need to give the gardeners something to play with on those rainy days! It’s easy to customize, so you can give your gardener exactly what they need.

If you’re not sure what someone already has, a lot of these things are the basics that avid gardeners could use an extra set of – or could use to replace an old, worn out tool/supply (like gloves). And if you’ve got someone that has been thinking about starting up, these basics should be just the thing to help them.

If you’re giving plants, succulents and air plants are great for newbies too – they are pretty forgiving if left neglected for a bit and don’t require a lot care or expertise (I’m speaking from experience here!).

vintage wood gardening gift basket with gardening tools, plants and supplies in it
banana leaf plant next to planter box full of gardening tools and supplies

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– Manda

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