DIY Wood Wall Shelves

I’m still slowly chipping away at projects in the boys room. We actually started these shelves, oh about a year ago. And they’ve just been sitting, waiting to get sanded and then hung up. I don’t why some projects can come together quickly and I get them completely finished within days, and other projects sit around for a year not getting done. Especially when it’s a simple thing, like sanding and hanging. But at least it’s done now!
I wanted to create a cozy reading corner for the boys room, hoping that it might encourage more reading! That’s something I would have loved to have in my room growing up. Fact: I used to sometimes hide in my closet and read so that I wouldn’t get in trouble for reading too much. 🤓📚 (what kid gets into trouble for reading too much?! Come on mom! 😉). So far, this little spot hasn’t inspired that kind of reading dedication in the boys, but a girl can hope! I picked up this chair from Target a while back (during a sale), and then just needed some shelves for books to go along with it. I wanted something simple and small, since it’s not a big space. (This corner is tucked away behind their bunk bed, which I had to pull out into the middle of the room to actually be able to take these photos). We also couldn’t make them too deep, since I didn’t want it to feel like they were hanging over you if you sitting in the chair. So these are perfect for holding some books and a few toys/decor items as well.DIY Wood Wall Shelves @themerrythoughtDIY Wood Wall Shelves @themerrythoughtMaterials:

– 2x6x8 pine board
– tape measure
– table saw
– power planer
– sliding compound mitre box or a circular saw (w/ a speed square)
– glue
– nails and nail gun
– drill with 7/8” forstner bit and spade bit
– sand paper
– level
– 4-inch corner brace (2 per shelf)
– 2-inch drywall screws (or drywall anchors if no stud)DIY Wood Wall Shelves @themerrythoughtDIY Wood Wall Shelves @themerrythought

Cut the 2×6 board to 5-1/4” on the table saw to remove the rounded edge off one side.

Placing the cut edge of the board against the fence, cut the board to 5” wide, removing the rounded edge on the other side.

Use a power planer to remove the saw marks on one of the edges, this will be the front edge of the shelf.

Determine how long you want your shelf to be, we made ours 24” wide.

Using a sliding compound mitre box or a circular saw with a speed square as a guide, cut a 45 degree angle on one end of the board.

Measure 24 inches from the point of the angle and make a mark. Cut another 45 degree angle, angled the opposite direction with the tip of the angle at this mark. Set this piece aside.

Cut a square end on the remaining piece of board; measure 4-1/2” from the end and make a mark. Set the saw at a 45 degree angle and cut to this mark. Repeat these steps to make another 4-1/2” piece with a 45 degree angle.

Glue and nail the short pieces to the ends of the 24” piece so that they form a 90 degree angle.
Allow to dry.

On the back of the shelf, measure in 3” from the ends and make a mark; then make a mark at that point 3/4” from the edge which would be the center of the thickness of the board.

Using a 7/8” forstner bit and a drill (or a drill press if you have access to one), drill a hole 4-1/4” deep; you may have to use the spade bit to finish the hole if the forstner bit will not go deep enough.

Draw a center line down the back of the board from the hole toward the center for 5”.

Using the forstner bit, drill a series of 1/4” deep holes along the center line overlapping them so that you have a cleaned out indent 1/4” deep by 7/8” wide by 5” long. Repeat at the other end.

Sand your shelf.

Position the shelf where you want to have it on the wall, make sure it is level and draw a line along the top edge on the wall. Hold the shelf against the wall with the bottom against the wall and the back facing up, mark where the centers of your holes are. Measure down from your level line 3/4” and make a line the length of your level line.

Hold your corner bracket with the end sticking out from the wall centered on the line showing the center of the hole and the center line centered on the bracket, mark the screw holes on the wall. Repeat at the other end.

Attach the corner brace to the wall using screws if you are going into studs or drywall anchors if you are not.

Slide the shelf onto corner braces.DIY Wood Wall Shelves @themerrythoughtDIY Wood Wall Shelves @themerrythoughtDIY Wood Wall Shelves @themerrythoughtHere’s a few more projects from the room: DIY Rattan Light | DIY Live Edge Wood Desk | DIY Dowel Wall Hooks | DIY Magnetic Display Rail


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