DIY Wood Letter Birthday Garland

May and June are full of birthday celebrations in our family – there’s 10 that we celebrate just in those 2 months! (And there’s Mother’s Day & Father’s Day, along with my job exploding with busyness during these 2 months and all of the end of the school year activities for the boys…it’s safe to say these months are a struggle for me to keep up with everything!) And today we’re celebrating one of the birthdays, so I’ll dedicate today’s post to my big seester – happy birthday Marla!
For birthdays in our house I like to put up a few simple decorations, including a happy birthday garland. We’ve been using one I made for Levi’s second birthday, and it’s definitely seen better days and has been taped & patched quite a few times! I’ve had this project on my to-make list for quite some time (a couple years 😳) and finally squeezed in the time to make this – just in time for all the birthday celebrations!
It’s actually a really simple banner, just tracing & cutting, but I’ve always wanted to see if I could make one out of wood…and I did! I used balsa since it’s so soft and easy to cut, but that also means it tends to crack easily, so you do need to be gentle while cutting! DIY Wood Letter Birthday Garland @themerrythoughtDIY Wood Letter Birthday Garland @themerrythoughtDIY Wood Letter Birthday Garland @themerrythoughtSupplies:
-stencils (I found these in the Target dollar bins)
-balsa wood
-x-acto knife/scissors
-thread or twine

Trace letters onto wood. Carefully cut letters out using knife and/or scissors – the wood can crack easily, so go slow & be gentle! Using the needle, poke holes into letters, then use the needle to pull thread or twine through the holes.DIY Wood Letter Birthday Garland @themerrythoughtDIY Wood Letter Birthday Garland @themerrythought

– Manda

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