DIY Winter Hat

DIY Hat From An Old Sweater @themerrythought Trying to survive Western New York winter can be tricky. Snow is beautiful for a while but it drags on and on and I’m usually ready for spring after a couple weeks of snow. I’ve been making the most of it by trying to come up with projects and activities to make me embrace the chilly weather a bit more since it’ll probably be sticking around until April. Making a winter hat was on my list of DIY projects and when I found an awkward fitting sweater with a great pattern on it at Salvation Army, I knew it would be perfect for this project!
DIY Hat From An Old Sweater @themerrythought DIY Hat From An Old Sweater @themerrythought What you need:
-Old Sweater
-Hat to trace
-Fabric chalk/tracing pencil
-Sewing Machine
-Needle and Thread

How to make it:
-Turn the sweater inside out and trace around a hat that fits your head. Adding about 1/3″ around the actual hat so you have room to sew. (I recommend using the bottom edge of the sweater for the bottom of your hat.)
-Cut out along the line.
-Use a sewing machine to sew around the hat, leaving 1/3″ seams on the sides. Be sure not to sew the bottom closed.
-Make a pom pom. I give instructions on how to do that in this post.
-Turn hat right-side out and use the needle and thread to attach the pom pom to the top of the hat.
DIY Hat From An Old Sweater @themerrythought DIY Hat From An Old Sweater @themerrythought DIY Hat From An Old Sweater @themerrythought Go keep your noggin warm!

xo. Caitlin

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