DIY Floor Pillow

IMG_9268 I’ve been crushing on all the amazing funky-patterned pillows out on the market lately. So I decided that I should just make myself one! I went with a large version that I could throw on the floor at my apartment because I don’t have a ton of seating in my living room – and I love sitting on the floor to edit pictures or eat dinner.
IMG_9180IMG_9181IMG_9182IMG_9183 What you need:
-Fabric (or a thrifted blanket with tattered edges and a great pattern…)
-Pillow stuffing!
-Sewing machines
-Needle & thread

How to do it:
-Cut out two equal sized pieces of fabric. Big or small, square or rectangular – whatever you’re heart desires!
-Pin your pieces of fabric together around all edges with the outside of the pillow facing inwards.
-On your sewing machine, sew  three sides of your pillows closed. Be sure to leave at least 1/4″ on the edges. I left about an inch and then trimmed the extra fabric off.
-Sew across part of the fourth side of your pillow – be sure to leave enough space open to fit the stuffing inside.
-Flip your pillow right-side out now.
-Stuff your pillow!
-Use the needle and thread to hand sew the part you left open for the filling. Be sure to push the edges of the fabric down in so it is in line with the rest of the pillow.
-To make your pom-poms, wrap your yarn around something – your hand, a fork, rungs on the back of a chair… (This will depend on the size you want your pom-poms.)
-Tie a piece of yarn tightly in the middle. Cut loops on both ends.
-Attach a pom-pom to each corner with your needle and thread.
Toss it in your living room and sit your fanny down!
IMG_9257IMG_9242DIY Floor Pillow | The Merrythought Malacai loved playing on it inside on the hardwood floors but it would also make a great addition to your new pallet swing bed!
IMG_9211IMG_9212IMG_9213 Happy Monday, folks!

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