DIY String Eggs

It’s been a few years since I’ve done a new Easter egg DIY! These DIY string eggs are pretty adorable and still keep things very simple which goes well in my house since I don’t decorate much for Easter typically. I love that you can customize them with whatever color scheme you want!

It had been a while since I’ve blown eggs and I forgot how easy they are to break! My Nana used to paint blown eggs and they were always so beautiful. I have a few extras left and I’m thinking I might have to have a painting night one of these days! I’m not even a fraction as talented as her but I haven’t been doing much crafting just because lately and I’ve missed it.

eggs in and around cardboard egg carton


Follow the video below for step-by-step instructions!

five diy string eggs on various linens
cardboard egg carton with eggs in and around it
string eggs laying on various linens
close up of paper egg carton with eggs in it
cardboard egg carton with three string eggs in it and two laying beside it

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