DIY Range Hood Cover – How to Build a Range Hood Cover

I feel like I might have reached official adulthood now by finally having a range hood in my kitchen! I spent the last 17 years without one! So you can bet I was really excited to get one with our new kitchen. And that making a pretty range hood cover would definitely be on my to-do list!

I fell in love with the idea of having a curved range hood cover. I also wanted it to be simple, and of course have some kind of wood element to it. We also added some texture to it by spreading joint compound over it before painting it (we did the same thing with our fireplace too). It’s a little tough to capture that in photos/video, but you can see it in person and I love the added texture!

Our range hood is actually a ductless one, it can be set up either way. We decided to go the ductless route so we wouldn’t have a hole/vent on the side of the house. We knew if this wasn’t working out well, we could always go back and change it. So far so good though, we’ve been really happy with it.

We also made sure that it had buttons on the bottom of it (rather than the side of the range hood), so they would be easy to access with the range hood cover going over it. Just something to keep in mind when you’re buying a range hood if you plan to put a cover over it.

white and wood curved range hood cover over stove
kitchen with beadboard backsplash white and wood range hood cover over white and brass range
curved white and wood range hood cover over white range


  • range hood
  • drywall
  • 3/4” plywood 
  • one 8 foot – 2×4 wood
  • two 8 foot – 1×4 wood
  • 8 foot by 5 inches wide wood for trim (we used ambrosia maple)
  • table saw
  • miter box
  • drill and screws
  • nail gun and nails
  • flexible corner bead
  • drywall tape
  • joint compound 
  • drywall sander
  • polyurethane
  • caulk 
  • primer & paint

Watch the video below to see how we made it:

close up of a range hood cover with wood trim
kitchen with beige cabinets and white and wood range hood cover over range

You can see more of the kitchen here.


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