DIY Round Plywood Coffee Table

A couple months ago I shared my living room that was mostly finished. I had been waiting to decide what type of coffee table I wanted for the room and this week I decided to just buy a big sheet of plywood and make one myself. I love the oversized round coffee tables out on the market these days but couldn’t decide on which one I would want enough to commit to a style. By making my own I can easily change out the base, paint it, stain it… basically change it up as my style changes. (For a fraction of the price too!) I haven’t put a finish on it yet because I just haven’t had the time but I’m planning on just putting a clear coat on for now to protect it from getting destroyed. DIY Round Plywood Coffee Table @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
-4’x8’x3/4″ piece of plywood
Orbital sander
Angle brackets

How to make it:
-Decide how large you want your table top. Mine is about 45″.
-Cut a piece of string and tie a loop in one end and then measure and tie a loop in the other end so that the length of the string, from the end of one loop to the end of the other loop when pulled tight, is exactly half of the size of your desired table top. So mine was 22.5″.
-On the bottom side of the wood, measure from the top of the board down to the center (24″) and from one side of the board in 24″. Make a mark and drill a small screw at the mark.
-Put one of the loops around the screw and put a pencil through the other loop and draw a large circle, make sure to keep the string pulled tight the whole time. (See photo 1 below.)
-Use jig saw to cut out circle. (See photo 2 below.)
-With that other half of the plywood you want to measure and cut out two rectangles for the base. They should be about 15″ each in height and the length should be a few inches less than the diameter of your tabletop. Mine were 15″x40″.
-To cut the slits into these pieces of wood so you can slide them together – measure to the center of the board along the long side and make a mark. Measure out 3/8″ from each side of the center mark and make a mark. Do this at the edge and at the halfway mark of the board and correct the lines. (See photo 3 below.)
-Use jigsaw to cut out these slots.
-Sand all edges smooth and sand away any other pencil marks or scuffs on the wood. (See photo 4 below.)
-Finish pieces as desired. (If you want to stain it or add a clear coat, it’s much easier while everything is still in pieces.)
-Slide the legs together.
-Secure the top to the legs using angle brackets.
DIY Round Plywood Coffee Table @themerrythoughtDIY Round Plywood Coffee Table @themerrythoughtDIY Round Plywood Coffee Table @themerrythoughtDIY Round Plywood Coffee Table @themerrythoughtDIY Round Plywood Coffee Table @themerrythoughtDIY Round Plywood Coffee Table @themerrythoughtDIY Round Plywood Coffee Table @themerrythoughtSources: Couch. Cowhide Rug. Woven Rug. Round Planter. Candlestick Holders. Black Tray. Jute Charger. DIY Rootless Succulents.


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