DIY Round Coffee Table

Last month, after 4 months of being out here, I finally bought a big couch so all of the company I had over the last month would have a place to sit when they came to visit. Ha! I realized once I moved it in, I was also in desperate need of a coffee table to gather around for snacks or card games – since there isn’t really any other place in the apartment for that. I took to IG for a vote between a couple styles of coffee tables and it was a big ‘ol 50/50 split. So I just decided to go with a simple, mini version of my favorite round coffee table that’s back in NY. And it’s just different enough that I decided to share a tutorial in case you want to make this version!

I’ve been using so much raw plywood in projects over the past few years, I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I’ve stained one of my projects! But since the other furniture in the room all had darker toned woods, I decided to stain this table dark and love how it pops against the rugs!DIY Round Coffee Table @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
-2″ round dowels
-6′ of 1″x4″ wood
-Orbital sander

How to make it:
-Decide how large you want your table top. Mine is about 40″.
-Cut a piece of string and tie a loop in one end and then measure and tie a loop in the other end so that the length of the string, from the end of one loop to the end of the other loop when pulled tight, is exactly half of the size of your desired table top. So mine was 20″.
-On the bottom side of the wood, measure to the center of the board from the top and from one side. Make a mark and drill a small screw at the mark.
-Put one of the loops around the screw and put a pencil through the other loop and draw a large circle, make sure to keep the string pulled tight the whole time.
-Use jig saw to cut out circle.
-Use miter saw to cut one 32″ length of the 1″x4″ and two 14 1/4″ lengths of the 1″x4″.
-Decide what height you want you table at and cut 4 even lengths of the round dowel for the legs.
-Sand all edges smooth and sand away any other pencil marks or scuffs on the wood.
-Stain pieces as desired.
-On the top of each dowel, measure to the center and pre-drill a hole.
-On the back side of each end of the 32″ piece of wood and one end of each of the 14 1/4″ pieces, measure and mark 1 1/2″ from the end and in to the center of the board from the side.
-Drill holes through the boards at each of these marks and use a countersink bit.
-Flip the boards over – and on the top side of all three boards, about 5″ from the end with the already drilled hole, mark out two holes side by side and drill through. On the 32″ piece, measure to the center of the boards and mark out two holes side by side and drill through. On the 14″ boards, measure about 1 1/2″ from the opposite end of the other holes and mark out two holes side by side and drill through.
-Use countersink bit on all of these holes.
-Attach the legs to the boards using the first holes your drilled. (I used 2″ screws for this part)
-Attach the boards to the bottom of your table by using screws at each of the holes you made. (Make sure your screws aren’t too long that they go through the top of your table. I used 1 1/2″ screws here.)
-Flip it over and use it!
DIY Round Coffee Table @themerrythoughtDIY Round Coffee Table @themerrythoughtDIY Round Coffee Table @themerrythoughtDIY Round Coffee Table @themerrythoughtDIY Round Coffee Table @themerrythoughtDIY Round Coffee Table @themerrythought-Caitlin

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