DIY Pre-Shave Oil

DIY Pre-Shave Oil @themerrythoughtIt’s so hard for me to think of any gifts to make my dad for Father’s Day. It doesn’t help that it comes right after his birthday so any creative thing I’ve thought of, I gave to him the week before! Or I procrastinate so long on getting/making his birthday gift that it just becomes a Father’s Day gift… sorry, Dad!

Here’s a super simple gift that you can whip up for Father’s Day that he can use all the time! Pre-shave oil is a great homemade alternative to shaving gel and helps leave your skin silky smooth.
DIY Pre-Shave Oil @themerrythought There are a million different ways to make pre-shave oil and you may have to change the recipe based on how your skin reacts to these oils. I looked up tons of different recipes before making mine and I decided to go with a pretty basic recipe…

1 part grapeseed oil
1 part olive oil
A few drops of an essential oil of choice (I’d suggest sandalwood or cedarwood – or check out this list for what will work best for your skin)

Experiment with different types of carrier and essential oils if this mix doesn’t work for you!
DIY Pre-Shave Oil @themerrythoughtLadies – you can use this too! I’ve heard it’s incredible for shaving your legs! If you’re curious about essentials oils we use, you can learn more here.

xo. Caitlin

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