DIY Plywood Christmas Tree

DIY Plywood Christmas Tree @themerrythought In case the tiny wooden Christmas trees in this advent calendar wasn’t enough sweetness, here’s how you can make a larger version!
Buying a fresh tree every year just isn’t practical for me while I’m living in an apartment without other people to help me lug it up and down the stairs and enjoy it while it’s here. Last year I really wanted to make a wooden tree but never got around to it. So I got a bit of a head start this year and put together this plywood tree that is easy to take apart and store until next year once the holidays are over!
DIY Plywood Christmas Tree @themerrythought What you need:
-Tape Measure
-Yard Stick
-Circular Saw and/or Table Saw

How to make it:
-Measure out your two triangles. 3′ across the bottom and 4′ up the middle and then connect the points – to form a triangle, ya know. (You can adjust the height to fit your space.)
-Use a circular saw to cut along the outside lines.
-Measure and draw out the lines around the center line that are the width of your wood. If your wood is 1/4″ thick, measure out 1/4 space around the middle line. Make the lines 2′ long. Make one piece start from the bottom of the tree and end in the middle and the other piece should start from the top of the tree and end in the middle – so they will slide together
-Use your saw to cut out the line.
-Erase lines and sand if needed.
DIY Plywood Christmas Tree @themerrythought DIY Plywood Christmas Tree @themerrythought xo. Caitlin

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