DIY Painted String Lights

DIY Painted String Lights @themerrythoughtI’ve always had a love/hate relationship with string lights. They’re warm and sparkly and set the most magical mood wherever you hang them. (See this party if you doubt me.) And when everyone I know in real life and everyone I followed on instagram bought themselves a strand of globe lights, I looked at the box of them every time I was shopping and every time I would decide not to buy them because I didn’t want a dark green cord hanging all over my living room. People spend hours creating desks and tricks to hide the hideous cords all of our electronics need, why would I add another to the mix?

Then Manda was painting the cord to her pencil sharpener a couple months back and I thought it would be the perfect solution to the dreadful green cord dilemma. I mean, I get that the green cords help it blend in when it’s on a Christmas tree – but I just want mine to hang up wherever I please. So gold it is! Which also makes it the perfect decor that will work for Thanksgiving and Christmas!
DIY Painted String Lights @themerrythoughtWhat you need:
-String Lights
-Paper Towel
-Gold Spray Paint

How to make it:
-Unscrew all of the lights bulbs and set aside.
-Stuff sockets with little pieces of paper towel to prevent the paint from affecting the connection with the lightbulb.
-Hang outside and spray paint. This will take a few coats. Make sure you flip the strand or paint from the other side to make sure everything is covered.
-After paint is completely dry, remove paper towels.
-Put bulbs back in the sockets.
DIY Painted String Lights @themerrythoughtDIY Painted String Lights @themerrythoughtAnd now I’ve got a bunch of gold-painted string lights to hang all over my apartment and I don’t mind one bit! Gold can class up anything!

xo. Caitlin

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