DIY Origami Chore Game

Origami Chore Game @themerrythoughtThe other night I was cleaning up at work (one of my other jobs is waitressing) and the little girls that had been there left an origami finger game in the booth and it brought back hours of childhood memories making and playing these games with friends. Anybody out there with me?!
The next day, Manda was talking to me about getting the boys back in the routine of doing chores around the house now that school is back in session. This project popped into my head and I thought it would be a fun way for the boys to get to feel like they’re choosing what they get to do. We had them try it out and they were all waiting anxiously in line to play the game with Manda. And they were pretty excited about the chores they got. Lincoln was like, “Yes! I love cleaning windows!” Haha!
Origami Chore Game @themerrythoughtOrigami Chore Game @themerrythoughtYou can download your own copy here. Then print it out, trim it down to size and fold it! Here is a video to help you with folding if you’ve forgotten how.
Origami Chore Game @themerrythoughtOrigami Chore Game @themerrythoughtOrigami Chore Game @themerrythoughtYou can expect a few more of these coming from us because I’m obsessed now!

xo. Caitlin

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